Eagles versus Detroit: 10 Lions that can fuel a Week 1 upset

Tracy Walker III, Detroit Lions (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
Tracy Walker III, Detroit Lions (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /
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The Eagles begin their regular-season journey on September 11th versus a scrappy Lions team.

Training camp is in our rear-view mirror. So is the preseason, and though this is being written before it’s airing, by the time many of you read this, the final episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks will be as well. The Philadelphia Eagles begin their quest for a second Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Motor City versus the Detroit Lions. It’s too early to use phrases like ‘trap game’. It’s only Week 1, but you can best believe that, if there’s a misstep by the Birds, all heck is going to break loose.

The Lions have a few playmakers too. From what we understand, they aren’t waiving the white flag. Let’s give them some more camera time.

Did you catch that? More camera time? Gosh, we’re hilarious!

Jared Goff, quarterback

It has to be tough being Jared Goff. HBO hasn’t spent much time following him which almost suggests that there are more interesting stories. The Los Angeles Rams gave up on him and traded him to Detroit for their former franchise signal-caller, Matthew Stafford (then, they immediately won the Super Bowl after doing so). No one’s said this, but it feels as though the implication was the Rams felt like they needed another guy to get them over the hump and that they were right.

Sometimes, we wonder what Jared Goff feels when he thinks about those things, but regardless of what your view is on him, you have to admit something. If he turns it on, he can be, well, serviceable.

Might his revenge tour get rolling in Week 1? It’s possible. Here are nine other Lions, other than Aidan Hutchinson, that can help him fuel a Week 1 upset. We begin on offense.