Britain Covey answers false narratives birthed from his comments about Eagles teammate Jalen Hurts

As the rumor mill continues to churn with Eagles-centered rhetoric, Britain Covey clears up his statements made in relation to Jalen Hurts.
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

If you're one of those Philadelphia Eagles who's a tad younger or you began paying attention to this team this season (or both), you may not know this, but here's the skinny. The Dallas Cowboys used to be the diva-filled franchise.

Well, then again, Dallas is still home to its divas and always will be. Their owner Jerry Jones never met a microphone he could resist stepping in front of, but ask any old-school Birds fan. They'll tell you. This drama-filled iteration of our Birds is an annoying one.

If we aren't discussing anonymous sources who are airing their grievances to long-time Eagles reporters, the focus is on rumored irritation about Brian Johnson's dismissal. Regardless of where you stand on any of that, here's where we all can agree. There are too many leaks in what's normally an Eagles organization that is handled internally

Britain Covey clears up the mishandling of some comments he made about teammate Jalen Hurts.

Take everything we just said and think about the recent Britain Covey comments about teammate Jalen Hurts. There are a few ways we can look at this. First, at least one person placed his name next to his statement. Second, it was nice to see another player put out a potential fire (even if these same players keep lighting the matches). Third, the press needs to take some of the blame for the confusion in some cases.

Hall of Fame writer Joseph Santoliquito dropped a must-read on Bleeding Green Nation, one that mentions Jalen Hurts' temperament while discussing the Eagles' epic collapse. Check ouyt one of the excerpts from that one.

"Sources within and around the team say Jalen Hurts “changed” since signing the big $255 million contract extension. His accessibility to media, fans, teammates had been limited. He became less accessible this season, according to numerous sources. In fairness to Hurts, who is very guarded to begin with, his defensive walls went up even higher with the many open hands coming at him pulling him in various directions last offseason—striking on his popularity when his brand was hot."

That and a report by The Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, one centered around Britain Covey reportedly having some trepidation about approaching Jalen Hurts in the locker room, preceded Barrett Brooks' appearance on JAKIB Sports' The National Football Show with Dan Sileo. Here are some of the fruits of that conversation (and Covey's response). Britain answered the take a day later.

Britain continued his take to further drive his point home.

At some point, we'll get back to football. Right now, however, emotions are high, and we're all turning over every rock in an attempt to determine how strong or how faint the pulse is of what appears to be a slightly-fractured Eagles coaching staff and locker room.

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