Eagles rumors: Anonymous sources express their frustration to longtime Philly reporter

Well, this is the last thing we need. There appears to be an uprising of some sort in the Eagles' locker room.
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Ever since most of us were children, we had been told that we should refrain from seeing much of what we saw on television. As we grew older, we amended some very good advice as we were given more sources to acquire information. It's wise to ignore much of what we see on TV, but we should also ignore certain sections of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base. Ignore what you find on Twitter (or X) unless it's from a verified account.

We've said all that to say this. Once upoon a time, we were told to ignore rumors. After all, a good journalist verifies a source again... And, then he verifies it again.

We live in a new world now, one where writing about rumors is encouraged, Still, sometimes, there are voices we trust a tad more.

Longtime Philadelphia reporter Derrick Gunn shares anonymous quotes from a frustrated Eagles locker room.

Derrick Gunn has been talking about Eagles football longer than some Birds fans have been alive. Over the years, he has established himself as someone we can trust. Recently, while sharing some back and forth with some of the members of Philadelphia's locker room. he was allowed some behind the scenes access.

Okay, this isn't good. Let's try to attack this from both sides though. First of all, the Eagles have presented themselves as a tight-knit locker room, one where most of the players watch the backs of teammates and coaches. Let's hope consecutive losses hasn't fractured that.

On the other hand, though we don't know when Gunn spoke to these unnamed players, we'll assume he did so moments after a tough loss. That being said, we'd more understand the frustrations. If you want inside access, especially moments after a game, this can sometimes be the byproduct.

Either way, terms like 'anonymous sources' have been a sore spot in this organization and the Eagles fan base for a while. Let's hope we aren't witnessing the fracturing of a locker room. That wouldn't be helpful for a team that still has a lot to play for.

Stay tuned. Keep those ears to the streets. We'll have to wait and see if this one grows legs.

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