Compelling arguments for finally inducting two often-ignored Eagles into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

  • Al Wistert was a team captain on two championship-winning teams.
  • Maxie Baughan is a member of the Eagles Hall of Fame and an NFL Champion.
  • Both were named among 31 Hall of Fame semifinalists.

Pro Football Hall of Fame, Philadelphia Eagles
Pro Football Hall of Fame, Philadelphia Eagles / George Gojkovich/GettyImages

Every year, the Pro Football Hall of Fame brings both joy and debate. If you're like some of the rest of us (we won't point anyone out), one of the first thoughts that probably crosses your mind is many of the guys that are being enshrined now are guys that we remember playing. Gosh.... It makes you feel old, doesn't it? There are also the annual questions about some of the great Philadelphia Eagles that continue to be ignored. That's a topic that we can discuss until the cows come home.

Randall Cunningham... Donovan McNabb... They have both their supporters and the contingent that believes they may not have done enough to earn enshrinement. That brings us to the obvious snubs.

What about Asante Samuel, Bil Bergey, Sean Landeta, Pete Retzlaff, Harold Jackson, and Troy Vincent? How is it possible that Eric Allen has been ignored for so long? Sheesh. Can Clyde Simmons get some love? While you're mulling that over, here's some good news. Two often-forgotten and lesser-mentioned Eagles are one step closer to immortality.

Two Eagles legends highlight a list of 31 Senior Class nominees as the Pro Football Hall of Fame recently announced its 2024 semifinalists.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame recently named 60 semifinalists for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the Senior, Coach, and Contributor categories. Two Eagles legends were among the 31 seniors, Al Wistert and Maxie Baughn.

Trust us. We're very much aware of the question that many of you are asking. How on Earth is it possible that they aren't inducted already?

The case for enshrining Maxie Baughan

Maxie Baughn spent his first six seasons as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles organization and was a member of the 1960 NFL Championship team before spending five seasons with the Los Angeles Rams (1966 - 1970), taking a few years off, and playing one season in Washington in 1974.

During his run, he earned two First-Team All-Pro nods (1964, 1969), five Second-team All-Pro mentions, and a spot on nine Pro Bowl teams (1961, 1965–1968). We could stop there but we'll continue. He is also a member of the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame. A spot in Canton feels like a no-brainer.

The case for enshrining Al Wistert

If someone told you that a player was a captain on two NFL teams that pitched shutouts in consecutive NFL Championship Games and that he was a member of an All-Decade Team after being named as a six-time First-Team All-Pro during a nine-year run, most would state said player should be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That is Al Wistert's story, yet for some reason, he still hasn't been enshrined in Canton.

That by definition describes what we so commonly refer to as snubs.

Wistert's resume also includes two Second-Team All-Pro nods (1950, 1951) and a Pro Bowl mention (1950). His Philadelphia Eagles Number 70 jersey is retired. Saying he's long overdue would be an understatement. Let's hope the voters get it right this time.

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