Darius Slay almost breaks Eagles social media with both new and old stories

Darius Slay's recent podcast appearance was intriguing. By the way, is there some weird connection between the Ravens and Eagles?
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

There's a strange dynamic between the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens. They don't see each other much during the regular season. These proud franchises don't play in the same conference, so unless they lock horns in a Super Bowl or finish the season with identical rankings in those conferences, the expectation is they'll only cross paths to play a football game once every four seasons. We have a lot of memories about those pesky Ravens though.

There was the 109-yard back-breaking interception and return by Ed Reed. There was Baltimore's trade for Terrell Owens, T.O.'s hissy fit, and the subsequent trade from the Ravens to the Eagles. They also often share the field as preseason opponents, but then, there was the time that preseason game had to be canceled because the field conditions at Veterans Stadium were so bad.

Fast forward to the present, and there are other stories. Philly drafted Jordan Davis 13th overall during the 2022 NFL Draft. Baltimore owned the next selection and settled on Kyle Hamilton. There were theories that the Ravens would have taken Davis if the Eagles hadn't, but we'll never know. For now, it's better to simply accept things as they are.

It appears we can add another wrinkle to this story of bird watching. Who would have thought? Darius Slay finds his way into the discussion.

Darius Slay reminds us of his near-addition to the Ravens roster.

Sometimes, stories are like good jokes. Once you get the reaction you're looking for, they sometimes must be told to new audiences because we have found out they work (or we overuse them until they stop working).

Here's one...

Once upon a time, March of 2023 to be exact, most of you may remember that there was a conversation we were all discussing. Will the Eagles move on from Darius Slay and James Bradberry or find a way to hang on to at least one of them?

In the end both guys stayed. James signed an extension on March 15th. Slay was granted his extension a day later. Then, the fallout, though minor occurred.

Many of you have heard this story before. Before Slay's extension, he was granted permission to seek a trade and find a willing partner. We found out later that he almost landed in Baltimore (there go those Ravens again).

Recently, during an appearance on the Pulp Phiction podcast, he shared his story on that front along with an added detail. It was Philly's Senior Advisor to the General Manager and chief security officer Dom DiSandro who convinced him to stay. Check it out.

Dom recently earned himself a new title. Check out our story on that when you have a moment.

Darius Slay has another announcement. The Eagles won't be wearing their kelly green jerseys in 2024 (update).

Well, this won't make some of you happy. Those beloved kelly green jerseys might be M.I.A. this season. Slay expressed this on the Pulp Phiction podcast as well.

Let's hope a vote is taken or there's a recount or something. Fans love the lighter shade of the green., The players love them too. Josh Sweat even stated he thought those should be the primary home jersey instead of the traditional midnight green they have worn since Jeffrey Lurie purchased the team.

Hold on... We seem to have an update. It looks like Slay might be wrong.

Update: The Eagles WILL wear the kelly green jerseys after all.

Well, this is good news. Big Play Slay may have missed the mark here. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Birds will wear their beloved ensemble. The number of times they'll do so has yet to be determined.

Aaaahh! Much better...

We'll see what happens, but for now, it looks like the fan favs are back in effect in 2024. Don't worry, you'll see us wearing ours all season.

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