Eagles 2024 draft class: How each pick eventually pushes Philly nearer to a title

This is a stacked Eagles draft class and a stellar group with a ton of talent to work with.
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

The rich get richer. That's what we have heard about the Philadelphia Eagles since the curtain closed on another NFL Draft. Their 2024 class earns passing grades from everyone. The UDFA's they found... Intriguing! The young guys all seem to have said the same thing. If they had a game to play tomorrow they'd all be ready to lace the cleats.

Well... There's no game tomorrow, but we appreciate the enthusiasm. There's also something else to consider. Once that game began, none of these guys would be starting.

Philly has stocked its team well enough that the young guns aren't under any pressure to step into the limelight with the world's wweight on the shoulders. That day will come, and hopefully they'll be ready because this is an exceptional core to keep preparing for the future with.

There's a lot of talent to work with in this 2024 Eagles draft class, one that will eventually ensure Philly is viable for a while.

Nine guys... Nine different skill sets... All have the faith of an organization. What are their strengths? We're glad you asked. There are many, but here are a few that stand out among their most recognizable.

Round 1 - Cornerback Quinyon Mitchell

Biggest strengths: prototypical size, elite speed, excellent tackler

Okay, we've beaten this drum enough, but we can't stop saying or thinking this. We still can't believe Quinyon Mitchell is an Eagle.

He possesses prototypical size, elite athleticism, and lightning speed. If he's a bust, we will be shocked, but we honestly can't see that happening.

He may not be a Day 1 starter, but we expect to see him at some point as a rookie. He begins his career as one of Philly's better reserves that we have seen them add in a while.

Sorry Josh Jobe. Sorry Eli Ricks. Quinyon leaps to the head of the class.

Round 2 - Defensive Back Cooper DeJean

Biggest strengths: experience, versatility, natural instincts

Cooper DeJean can do just about anything. His football IQ is through the roof. If he wanted to be a quarterback, something tells us he'd excel at that. For now, we'll have to settle for the versatility he brings on defense.

He can play inside or outside corner. or safety, or returner. His versatility is through the roof, but he may not play multiple positions immediately.

Like Mitchell, he may not crack the starting lineup, but we expect a contribution in year one. Something tells us he'll make one or two big plays on special teams.

Round 3 - Defensive Back Jalyx Hunt

Biggest strengths: experience at safety and edge rusher, burst, athleticism and motor

As Senior Bowl practices went on, it became more obvious that Jalyx Hunt had bad intentions. He's a physical freak with experience at playing safety. He comes to Philly as a talented but raw defender. That's okay for now because you can't teach elite athleticism.

Vic Fangio wanted to coach him. He gets his wish. We'll see how that works. Our prediction... This is one of those questioned additions that will prove its genius later. Expect to see him early on special teams then later as a rotational pass rusher.

Round 4 - Running Back Will Shipley

Biggest strengths: shiftiness, acceleration, makes tacklers miss in space

Reportedly healed from all injuries, Will Shipley comes to Philly as a fourth-round draft choice. He isn't a three-down back, but he's intriguing. Fortunately, he begins his pro career void of pressure.

He's better than what we saw during his final season at Clemson. No one respected the Tigers' rushing attack which made him the target of every defense. Yet in still, he averaged five yards per carry while wearing a target.

Those of you who call him a potential gadget player are truly misinformed. Get this guy the football in the running and passing game. Good things are going to happen.

We wonder how he'd perform as a pass protector. Still, it's hard to deny the potential. Worst case scenario, he provides quality snaps if Saquon Barkley needs a breather. 

Round 5 - Wide Receiver Ainias Smith

Biggest strengths: fearlessness, valuable special teams contributor, elite change of direction

Write this down. Here's this week's bold prediction. One day, Ainias Smith will be viewed as one of this class's steals.

Now, there's a catch. His position coach is Aaron Moorehead, and honestly, we wonder how good he is. Does he make players better? Are his stars still elite without him? Smith's ceiling may depend on the answer. For now, he's another option at returner for a team that suddenly has several.

Round 5 - Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

Biggest strengths: football IQ, excellent anticipation, elusiveness, body control and balance

There isn't a Birds fan walking that wasn't smiling when Philly selected Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Now, here's the catch. We must be patient and lose the urge to discuss his father.

Living in the shadow of his father, Philly's Ax Man immediately might be unfair, but he begins his po career behind Nakobe Dean and Devin White. There's something special here but raw. How he and Jalyx Hunt develop may teach us how great Fangio truly is.

Round 5 - Guard Trevor Keegan

Biggest strengths: technically sound, high motor, elite physical build, former captain

Ending one's career as a Second-team All-Big Ten Conference nod and a team captain for the College Football Playoff National Champions is a nice feather to place in one's cap. That's what Philly has in Trevor Keegan, but we know the NFL is a different game.

Like so many players on this list, Keegan won't have to step in and start immediately, but the high motor will endear him to Jeff Stoutland. Sitting and learning will accelerate his growth. He's a reserve, but one that will eventually step in without missing a beat if someone gets injured.

Round 6 - Wide Receiver Johnny Wilson

Biggest strength: Physicality, late hands, impactful blocker, long-strider with decent top-end speed

Johnny Wilson has the potential to become what Tyree Jackson was supposed to be and what we hoped Julio Jones was at this point of his career. No, the former FSU Seminole isn't a tight end or a future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, but the physical comps are there. He's three inches taller than Julio and 18 pounds heavier. One word comes to mind... 'Monster'.

It's hard to determine when and if Johnny Wilson will play seeing as how A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith are on the roster (and because both signed huge extensions). Even still, the thought of placing him in the slot on third down and in red-zone situations is enough to make the mouth water.

Round 6 - Center Dylan McMahon

Biggest strengths: Multi-year starter with experience, technically sound, excellent hands, versatility

Here's something Howie Roseman said during his and Nick Sirianni's presser to end the draft. Philly selects guys they could see starting. It's hard to envision that as the end game for Dylan McMahon, but you never really know.

After all, we saw Andre Dillard lose his job to Jordan Mailata. Philly has found late-round gems to play along the offensive line before. Might Dylan become another Stoutland University valedictorian? You have no idea how bad we want to see it. Put Stout in the Hall of Fame immediately if he does.

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