Eagles news: Marcus Mariota makes out like a fat rat as his tenure in Philly concludes

Marcus Mariota earns a nice payday from the Eagles for doing absolutely nothing.

Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles
Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Here we sit. The final days of February are trickling away. We're having the same discussions we were having in January, many of which we're no closer to finding the answers to. Is Jason Kelce staying with the Philadelphia Eagles or not? What will ultimately happen with Haason Reddick? What about Fletcher Cox? He couldn't possibly suit up for another team, could he? There are more, but you get the idea.

Days pass. Confusion outweighs clarity, but there are certain things we can count on. We know certain guys are out of here come free agency, and it appears one of our top cut candidates has already been made aware.

Eagles news: Philly voids Marcus Mariota's contract, and it costs them a pretty penny to do so.

Yes, friends the headline says it all. NFL teams have begun the process of building their 2024-2025 rosters. The new league year begins on March 13, but Philly's first domino has already fallen.

The Eagles would have gained over $2 million in salary cap space by extending Marcus Mariota. They have elected instead to allow his contract to void.

It appears Mr. Mariota has made out like a fat rat. He now represents over $3 million in dead cap space. You hate to see it, but we knew tough decisions were going to be made by Howie Roseman and his staff this offseason.

Our thoughts are admittedly on something else. Now that Marcus Mariota is gone, we have to get something off of our chests.

Marcus Mariota has left the Eagles, and no one should be surprised.

We hate to say we told you so. Often, we feel like that's bush league, but it needs to be said here. We told you so. We realize some of you were pumped when you saw Marcus Mariota join the Philadelphia Eagles. We realize some of you have been fantasizing about that since Chip Kelly was pacing the sideline. What can we say? You were warned.

We told you this version of Marcus Mariota didn't have anything left. We told you that all you had to do was reference how things ended with the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons. Did you not see him quit on the latter?

Many of you got angry and called us names. Yeah... We told you so.

We hate to be petty. We're just confused. We don't know why it takes some of you so long to realize Carson Wentz didn't have the mental toughness to play in a town like Philly. It's hard to understand why, even before that, you couldn't see that Jason Peters didn't have anything left and why, even now, you thought Marcus Mariota could win football games if something happened to Jalen Hurts. Thank goodness we never had to watch him try.

It's all water under the bridge now. That being said, we move on, and we won't miss seeing the former Heisman Trophy winner in Midnight Green, not even in the slightest.

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