Here's what Haason Reddick's new deal might look like (with the Eagles or someone else)

Haason Reddick wants to stay in Philadelphia, but whether he does or doesn't, we thought we'd look at a few numbers.

Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It sounds almost insensitive when one says it. Haason Reddick is underpaid. Why is that insensitive? It's quite simple actually. People all over this great nation are struggling to make ends meet and place food on the table. Yes, it seems insensitive to state a man who is locked into a contract that pays him an average salary of $15, 000,000 is underpaid, but by NFL standards, he is. Reddick signed a three-year, $45 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on March 16th, and that's where our story begins.

Reddick's salary, at the time of this story's release, ranks 17th among NFL edge rushers. Let's make something tremendously clear. There ARE NOT 16 edge rushers in pro football who are better than the former Temple star.

Since we walked into the 2020 regular season, Haason has introduced the opposing quarterback to the turf 50 1/2 times. Only T.J. Watt (62), Myles Garrett (58), and Trey Hendrickson (53) have done so more often.

What might an extension look like for Reddick? We're glad you asked. It appears he wants to remain home in Philly, but whether he does or doesn't, we still felt led to check in with the experts for some clarification.

Here's what a reasonable extension for Haason Reddick might look like.

The contractual experts over at Spotrac have their theories on Reddick's market value. They believe a three-year deal $47 million extension is more than fair. That's an average salary of $15.8 million. That ranks 118th in the NFL overall and tenth among outside linebackers. There are two ways we can look at this.

First, the Birds aren't too far behind what the experts believe to be sufficient and 'fair' payment. Second, this still won't satisfy Mr. Reddick, and that's understandable as well. Rumor has it the Eagles star is probably looking for something annually in the $25 million range. That isn't a big ask based on his production.

Watt, the Pittsburgh Steelers star, makes $28 million annually. Garrett and Henderson rake in $25 million and $21 million. Yeah... One can see why Reddick might be peeved and why Philly is allowing him to seek a trade if they have determined they have determined they'd rather not extend him. It's also worth mentioning that Reddick will enter the 2024 NFL season having turned 30 years young.

Reddick represents $21.8 million on Philly's salary cap next season. That's the highest cap number on the team. His base salary in 2024 is $14.25 million, so it would stand to reason he's a likely candidate for one of those patented Howie Roseman restructures come the offseason.In the meantime, let's take a guess

Final offer? - Three years, $72 million (24 million annually)?

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