2 reasons Eagles would be unwise to trade Haason Reddick, one reason to support the idea

As expected, knee-jerk reactions followed the news of the Eagles' decision to potentially move on from Haason Reddick.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Wait a minute. What the heck is going on? It was just Saturday afternoon. The most pressing things on our minds in Philadelphia Eagles Nation were whether or not we were going to watch a Super Bowl that guaranteed us a result that none of us wanted to see and Jason Kelce entertaining a couple of interviews that further drive the point home that, more often, he's thinking about life after football. A bombshell, however, dropped on Super Bowl Sunday.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport informed us that the Birds are permitting Pro Bowl edge rusher Haason Reddick to seek a trade. Yeah, this is an all-time bad idea. We totally disapprove, and while we could give you 20 reasons why this is a bad idea, we'll dial this back idea just a tad.

We have a lot we'd like to say about this though.

Here are two reasons the Eagles would be unwise to move on from Haason Reddick.

Here we were, believing we'd have a day off from discussions about football. We were wrong. With the news of Philly potentially moving on from their best pass rusher, we were forced to throw on the thinking caps. Our knee-jerk reaction. was to object. Here's why.

We do realize this is the Eagles best pass rusher, right?

The first knee-jerk reaction comes from a place of simply wanting to see our team win. There's a championship window open. It seems unwise for Philly to move on from their best players, especially their best pass rusher when this team often struggled to generate a pass rush.

There's an obvious depth problem and this team isn't certain if Nolan Smith is ready. Why are the Eagles wanting to move on from Reddick again?

Have you seen the cap ramifications this would have?

There are obvious dead cap ramifications here. Check them out.

Long stories short, moving on from Haason is expensive. There is something that crossed our minds though.

Worth noting: The Eagles may have had a few bad apples in tghe locker room. Are we thinking Reddick was one of them?

Since the close of the season, we have heard rumors of some bad apples in the locker room. We have heard about locker room disharmony all season. We have also learned Haason Reddick giving former defensive coordinator Sean Desai the silent treatment. That isn't behavior we'd like to see from one of the stars on the team.

It may be premature and/or unfair to label Reddick as a locker room cancer, but if that does factor in, we can see why the Birds would be in favor of moving on.

We won't speculate, but we'll continue to watch this one closely to see how things shake out. Stay tuned!

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