Report surfaces of former Eagles coordinator Sean Desai's 'disconnect' with players

Stories are beginning to surface concerning what may have led to Sean Desai's demotion and eventual exit.
Sean Desai, Philadelphia Eagles
Sean Desai, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

When news broke that the Philadelphia Eagles were stripping former defensive coordinator Sean Desai of play-calling duties and handing them over to Matt Patricia, most of us asked ourselves these four questions. We may differ on the order in which they ran across our minds, but each of us went through the same thought process. Raise your hands if your list resembles ours.

First, why are the Eagles coaches making this decision this late on the season? Second, what happens if this doesn't work? Third, who in the heck thinks things will get any better under Matt Patricia? And, fourth, did something happen behind the scenes that we don't know about?

That kind sums everything up, right?

We knew it would be a while if we got an answer to the fourth question, if we got one at all. Our day seems to have come more swiftly than we could have ever expected. We found ourselves checking out a nice listen on the Inside The Birds podcast, and buddy! Did they ever deliver the goods!

Report says Sean Desai's 'disconnect' with much of the Eagles defensive roster led to division and an eventual demotion.

There we were, listening to another Inside The Birds masterpiece (we're big fans by the way), and while trying to catch their thoughts on some senior Bowl stuff, they elected to hit us with a curveball.

Geoff Mosher reports there was a "strong disconnect" between Desai and the players he was supposed to be leading.

"There’s a difference between being smart, well-educated, and considered a really good schemer, which Sean Desai was when he got to the Eagles. That’s what people would tell us about him. And, then also being a great leader, connecting with your players, understanding what their needs are versus your needs are, making it work when times are tough, and that is the area that I didn’t realize was impacted the most."

Mosher continued...

" I didn’t realize until talking to some people down here, agents who represent some players, on just how big the gap was between where the Eagles were on defense and where Sean Desai was. And, those two factions not being able to meet in the middle and having an understanding of each other."

According to Mosher, it got so bad that one Eagles player stopped speaking to Desai during the season. We could get into who that player was, but we won't. All we can say is one word... Ouch! How's that for analysis.

As much as we hate to ride drama's train, you have to admit that's interesting. It sounds like Desai was tough to deal with.

Here's our question. If Philly's current roster couldn't adapt to his coaching style, what makes us believe they'll accept tough coaching from Vic Fangio? We all saw how that ended in Miami, didn't we?

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