Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie places a bow on a landmark anniversary

May 6th of 1994 was a huge day for the Eagles franchise. 30 years later, Jeffrey Lurie is still making us all smile.
Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles
Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

30 years is a long time to do anything. Heck, we create Philadelphia Eagles content and look at traffic and analytics all day. You know what we learned? Some of our most loyal readers (and, we appreciate you all) aren't even 30 years old yet.

If that applies to you, all you have ever witnessed has been the Jeffrey Lurie era. It doubles as one of the most successful in franchise history. When you place your head on the pillow tonight, be thankful you weren't around to witness the times under Norman Braman.

Jeffrey Lurie celebrates 30 years as Eagles Owner, Chairman, and CEO.

Jeffrey Lurie is always smiling. We're certain he's smiling today as he places a bow on a landmark achievement. May 6th brings with it a 30-year anniversary.

In 1994, Lurie purchased the Philadelphia Eagles for $195 million. In August, 2023, they were valued at an estimated $5.8 billion. No one would ever complain about that.

Jeffrey Lurie remains one of the best owners in all of pro football, and the Eagles are lucky to have him. Take a moment, and look at some of the achievements this proud organization has been able to hang its hat on while operating under his watch:

  • Overall win-loss record: 286-228-3
  • 18 playoff appearances
  • 10 NFC East titles
  • Seven NFC Championship Game appearances
  • Three Super Bowl appearances
  • One Super Bowl win

Being a Philly sports fan is at times tough. The 76ers have let us down for 40 years. The Phillies have often done the same, but trust us on this one. You can do a lot worse in life than being an Eagles fan. They have given us much to smile about.

Football won't always be easy to watch. Every franchise provides up-and-down moments, but Jeffrey's tenure has provided great memories. Congrats on 30 years of ownership. Here's to decades more. We can't wait to see what will transpire.

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