10 Eagles records that are unlikely to be broken any time soon, one that will never be topped

Records are made to be broken, but a few Eagles benchmarks are safe for a while. Here are ten and a special tip of the cap to one that will never fall.
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles
Harold Carmichael, Philadelphia Eagles / A. Neste/GettyImages
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Records are made to be broken, but a few Eagles benchmarks are safe for a while.

As Philadelphia Eagles fans, one thing that we can hang our hats on is life hasn't been too bad. Sure, loving Philly sports teams means you're never starved of a few heartbreaks, but look at the bright side. You could have been born in the Motor City and found yourselves cheering for the Detroit Lions fan.

The names change on the back of the jerseys, but for nine decades, the Birds have fielded memorable teams and players. Philly is home to NFL greats and some legendary team and individual performances. Some all-time greats have placed their stamp on the franchise's record books. Before we talk about a few, how about a special tip of the cap to an NFL record that will never fall?

Mike Quick's 99-yard TD catch and run

We have seen 109-yard kickoff returns. We have also seen Ed Reed house one for a pick-six versus the Birds from nine yards deep in his own end zone, but an NFL offense can't scrimmage any deeper than its own one-yard line. It's for that reason that Ron Jaworski's 99-yard TD connection with Mike Quick in 1985 is an NFL record that can be tied but never broken.

Good for them.

While the Jaws and Mike can hang their hats on breathing some rare air, other Eagles benchmarks will fall at some point, but the ten on this list are certain to be untouchable for quite some time. Here they are in no particular order. The numbers here are regular-season totals.

Have a seat, and call some friends. It's time for a walk down memory lane.