Eagles roster: 11 free agents still available, concerns with each player

Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Kwon Alexander, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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DeAndre Hopkins, wide receiver

Well, you had to know this guy's name would be mentioned. Most of us have had at least one or two thoughts of DeAndre Hopkins in an Eagles jersey, and if we're honest, we have been doing so since he was wearing a Houston Texans uniform and discussing his desire to leave them.

An Eagles/Hopkins acquisition is never going to happen. Still, DeAndre is too interesting to leave off of a list like this. He may not be needed, but let's not act like he makes the Eagles a worse football team if added.

Biggest concern

When we discuss DeAndre, we're often doing so because of what he was, not what he is. He's never going to be the guy in Houston again. Watch the games. Ignore the highlight clips. Hopkins is on the downside of what has been a great career.

Dalvin Cook, running back

The Minnesota Vikings couldn't find a trade partner to dump Dalvin Cook on, so the decision was made to release him. Before we say anything else, let's make something clear. No, he isn't coming to Philly.

The Birds are locked and loaded with D'Andre Swift, Rashaad Penny, Kenneth Gainwell, and Boston Scott. This would have been fun two years ago, but there's no room on Philadelphia's roster now.

Biggest concern

It happens more often than not. The game's most punished position seems to have taken its toll on a guy who has had injury issues for as long as we have known him, and now Cook seems to be headed in the wrong direction.

He had more fumbles last season than any RB in the NFL since 2019. He drops passes thrown in his direction. While it may be premature to call him 'washed', like Hopkins, Cook may be living more off of reputation than production.

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