Eagles schedule 2024: Every game on national TV this season

The Eagles are featured on the national stage several times this season. Here are a handful of games you'll want to circle on your personal calendars.
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

There's nothing like the spotlight. Some love it. Some don't. Other still practice false humility. They say they don't seek affection and attention when the truth is that's all they want. The Philadelphia Eagles play in a football-crazy town, and they're winning. They aren't afforded the option of anonymity whether they desire it or not.

Then, there is the Philly media... Oh boy... The Philly media... We could talk about that all day.

Another NFL regular season nears. Something tells us that, on most days, we most certainly will. Philly couldn't play the role of 'the hunters' and sneak up on someone if they wanted to.

The Birds play a game in Brazil. We are assured of two games versus the hated Dallas Cowboys, and something tells us Saquon Barkley's return to the Big Apple to face the New York Giants won't be something that goes ignored by league offices.

Football is a game, but it's also the best form of reality television. If you're a drama fan, the 2024 Eagles season is loaded with such, and most will be played out in the spotlight.

Here's the full list of nationally televised Eagles games this season.

The Philadelphia Eagles open their regular-season campaign in Week 1 with a game in Brazil versus the Green Bay Packers. In total, they are scheduled for
nationally televised games. Here are a few dates you'll want to circle on your calendars. Every matchup is intriguing.

  • Week 1 - Eagles vs Packers, 8:20 pm on Peacock
  • Week 2 - Falcons at Eagles on MNF, 8:15 pm (ESPN)
  • Week 9 - Jaguars at Eagles, 8:20 pm on SNF
  • Week 11 - Commanders at Eagles, 8:15 pm on TNF
  • Week 12 - Eagles at Rams, 8:20 pm EST on SNF

Pay very close attention to five games that are scheduled for 4:25 pm EST starts: at Cincinnati (Week 8), at Cowboys (Week 10), at Ravens (Week 13), versus Steelers (Week 15), vs Cowboys (Week 17). Those figure to be featured and/or FOX NFL Game of the Week options.

Keep something in mind. That doesn't mean they'll be nationally televised. If you're an Eagles fan living outside of the Philly viewing area, you may be a victim of regional coverage and forced to watch another game.

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