Eagles shock NFL, trade up to land Cooper DeJean: Instant grade and analysis

The Eagles elect to trade up in Round 2, and whoa nelly! Cooper DeJean is the choice.
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles
Cooper DeJean, Philadelphia Eagles / Matthew Holst/GettyImages

Night one of the 2024 NFL Draft was full of surprises, the selection of 14 consecutive offensive prospects, and the Philadelphia Eagles acquiring what was believed to be the top cornerback prospect. Night two began with the knowledge that premier talent was still on the board and available. With a pair of scheduled picks in Round 2, there was a curiosity of what the Birds might do.

We heard rumors that they might trade up on Day 1. They elected to do so on Day 2 instead. A defensive back from the Iowa Hawkeyes was the choice. This after taking Quinyon Mitchell on night one.

The Eagles select with the 50th overall selection.

Brandon Graham announced the pick. It was like music to our ears. With the 40th-overall selection, the Philadelphia Eagles select DB Cooper DeJean.

The secondary looks much more intriguing than it did a few days ago. Philly's brass wanted to get younger, and they have done that. In Mitchell and DeJean, the Birds have added the top two defensive backs in this year's draft class.

In DeJean, Philly adds this draft's most versatile defensive back. He can play outside corner, in the slot, and slide back to play safety. It's amazing that Philly was able to land him on Day 2

His name gets scribbled on Philly's draft card. He has a chance to be special at the professional level. After shipping the 50th, 53rd, and 161st to Washington for and acquiring picks 40, 78, and 152 their remaining draft choices are as follows:

If nothing changes, the Birds' remaining draft choices are as follows:

Round 3: Pick 178 (via Washington)
Round 4: Pick 120 (via Pittsburgh)
Round 5: Pick 152 (via Washington)
Round 5: Pick 171 (compensatory pick)
Round 5: Pick 172 (comp pick)
Round 6: Pick 210 (comp pick)

The Eagles strike again. This is shaping up to be a special class.
Final Grade: A+

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