Eagles star Jalen Hurts disrespectfully left off Pro Football Focus' list of NFL's top 50 players

  • Pro Football Focus dropped its list of the NFL's top 50 players.
  • Six quarterbacks are named.
  • Three Philadelphia Eagles earn mentions.
  • Jalen Hurts didn't make the cut.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Prior to reading Pro Football Focus' recent ranking of the top 50 players in the NFL, someone hipped us to what had happened, so we already knew the skinny. Still, we ventured over to the platform and did some digging anyway. We did so with the belief that what we had been told was wrong. There's no way they left Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts off of the list, right?

We expected to see him at some point. We read the list twice. Both times, we were reminded of the warning we had been given prior to this exercise in futility. We knew Jalen had been snubbed, but we still expected to see his name show up. It wasn't there.

It hasn't been that long since we backed a claim by ESPN's Kimberley Martin, one that stated he's the most disrespected player in the game right now. Some answered that take by stating we were playing the victim card. We were told Jalen gets his just due and that any statement to the contrary was one made out of the desire to 'push agendas'. Here's a serious question. Do you still feel that way now.

How is it possible that any NFL publication can leave Jalen Hurts off its list of the top NFL players?

We just read the PFF ranking again. We again thought we had overlooked Jalen Hurts' name. Again, we were wrong.

PFF's top 50 players ranking names six quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes (ranked 1st overall), Joe Burrow (10), Josh Allen (12), Justin Herbert (35), Lamar Jackson (41), Aaron Rodgers (45). Three Eagles players were named: Lane Johnson (15), A.J. Brown (25), Jason Kelce (46). We'll restate the same question again for emphasis. Where the heck is Jalen Hurts?

During the 2022-2023 NFL season, Philadelphia's QB1 led the Birds to a 14-1 record as a starter during the regular season before winning two home playoff games and coming within four points of leading the Birds to a win in Super Bowl LVII.

Here's a question. Had he won, would we even be having a conversation? Had the Eagles' defense stopped the Kansas City Chiefs once in the second half, the Birds would have hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the second time in franchise history. Had that happened, after watching Jalen Hurts' season-long performance, it would have been impossible to leave him off of a list like this, so why is he being left off now? It's a fair question, right?

Even if PFF's list is based solely on their ranking system, which are sometimes hard to understand, there are times when numbers must be thrown out. Use the eyeball test. How can six QBs be better than Jalen?

In 2022, he tossed 22 touchdowns versus only six interceptions. He completed 66.5% of his passes while throwing for 3,701 yards. He picked up another 780 yards and 13 TDs with his legs. Most importantly, his team lost both games in his absence. If that doesn't suggest 'value' or demonstrate his greatness, we fear that most of you will never arrive at a conclusion that shouldn't be this difficult to realize.

Oh... And, just in case you're interested, he was given an overall rating of 88 on EA's Madden NFL 24 game. You can't make this stuff up, but if EA is looking for any ratings adjustors, we have a hew guys we could pitch for the job.

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