Backing an ESPN analyst's claim that Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is the most disrespected player in the NFL

A spirited debate on ESPN has led us back to something we keep stating. Jalen Hurts is the most disrespected player in the NFL.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

During his two full seasons as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Jalen Hurts has led the team to appearances in the NFC's Wild Card Round and the most recent Super Bowl. The most recent campaign was truly special. Let's not forget that he was oh so close to winning MVP honors last season and that he may have done so had he not gotten hurt and sat out for two games.

It's hard to fathom this, but despite those accomplishments and the obvious improvements he has made in his game, there are still people in the NFL and fans that are not sold on him.

Don't believe us? Well, ESPN's senior national reporter Jeremy Fowler recently released a list of the top ten quarterbacks in the league voted on by execs, coaches, scouts, and players. Jalen was ranked 6th... Yes, 6th! It looks like we have a lot to talk about, huh?

That brings us to a very interesting segment on ESPN's highly popular Get Up morning show. The panelists were asked who they thought was the most disrespected player in the NFL. Kimberley A. Martin had the crew picking their jaws up off the floor when she said Jalen Hurts. Check out the video below.

Martin was fired up, wasn't she? Trust us on this one. We totally understand the passion. Let's dig a little deeper into what she said.

Despite leading the Eagles to Super Bowl, Jalen Hurts wasn't ranked among the NFL's top five QBs on Jeremy Fowler's list. We're still scratching our heads.

It's easy to see where Kimberley Martin was coming from in her first point. Are there truly five NFL quarterbacks that are better than Jalen Hurts right now? She ranks QB1 second, and while some may disagree, she gives substantiating evidence to back her claim. The Oklahoma alum has all of the tools to lead the Eagles to Super Bowl glory.

Hurts outplayed Mahomes in the Super Bowl. That's a fact. He threw for 302 yards with one touchdown and scored three more touchdowns with his legs. Fowler's list places Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Herbert ahead of Jalen.

Allen has yet to lead the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl appearance. He hasn't won an MVP trophy. Rodgers hasn't won a Super Bowl in over a decade. How are they both ranked over Jalen? Then, there's Justin Herbert.

The Chargers' signal-caller has seen the playoffs once... And, his team blew a big lead and lost. Please explain how he's better than Hurts. Martin isn't ESPN's Philly reporter, but you couldn't tell on this day as she even had some smoke for Sal Paolantonio. The latter, as every Eagles fan knows, covers the Birds for the network, and as much as we love him, he even ranked Rodgers ahead of Jalen. Come on people! What are we doing here?

Jalen Hurts has shown enough in his play to rank him in the top 5 of quarterbacks.

Mike Greenberg threw an interesting argument on the table for fodder. Maybe the league wants to see Jalen prove himself again. Again, Kimberley wasn't having it.

Is it just us, or is she all of a sudden, the best NFL analyst on the network? Who could blame her for what she's saying?

Again, we love Sal Paolantonio, but even he admitted to something we all remember him saying. He was one of those voices that said he wanted Jalen traded for Russell Wilson. And, this was AFTER QB1 led the Eagles to a playoff appearance in his first year under center. 

Dan Orlovsky tried to revisit that lame argument that Hurts is elite because he led a stacked offense and roster. How many times does Philly's franchise quarterback have to prove himself? Every year, his completion percentage has improved. Last year, he proved he could throw the ball with the best of them. We won't even get into how special he is as a scrambler.

Maybe it was a slow news day, but Martin definitely made a good case for why Hurts is the most disrespected player in the NFL. She may have even won a few more fans in Philly (us included). We know Hurts will continue to silence any of the remaining doubters. He has yet to hit his ceiling. Big things are coming for a man that has already proven he's among the game's elite players.

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