James Bradberry & six other Eagles to wear the number 24 jersey

  • It's hard to tell the Eagles story without bringing up the guys that played here.
  • Many of the franchise's colorful characters have rocked the number 24 jersey.
  • Here's a tip of the cap to James Bradberry and a few others.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
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James Bradberry has a chance to be the best Philadelphia Eagles star to rock the number 24 jersey.

The 2023 season will mark the second year that James Bradberry will don the number 24 jersey for the Philadelphia Eagles. Year one gave us some nice memories, a controversial holding call in football's biggest game, and an All-Pro season. He's back in 2023, and the hope is he'll play at a high level for years to come. On March 15th, he signed a three-year, $38 million contract extension.

Bradberry has a chance to be remembered as one of the better players to rock the number 24 jersey. Prior to his tenure, 30 Eagles wore the number 24 jersey before he did. 18 did so for only one year. 18 players that preceded James' tenure have been defensive backs like he is.

Eight Eagles running backs that preceded James' tenure also wore number 24. Two will be mentioned here. There were even a couple of guys that played on both offense and defense.

Rod Smart a.k.a. He Hate Me of XFL fame wore the number 24. So did six players who made this list. Let's take a trip down memory lane.