Jason Kelce's continued transition into media could see more good fortune

Jason and Travis Kelce's New Heights show could be headed to an even larger platform.
Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles news
Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles news / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Recently, we were hanging around, and we were trying to remember when Jason Kelce's star among Philadelphia Eagles fans and the rest of the NFL reached supernova. This may seem like a lazy investigation, but we settled on his speech at the Super Bowl victory parade. Sure, he always had personality. He was always funny, but there were so many iconic moments in that speech that we determined that's when he established himself as one of the greatest Birds of all time.

Even now, it's been well over six years. Occasionally, I find myself in a conversation with my nephew and I'm telling him "hungry dogs run faster" or I'm telling a rival fan that "no one likes us, and we don't care".

Yes... It was the speech. It was the speech that taught me Jason Kelce will never have to buy a beer in Philly again, but ever since that day, he's demonstrated time and time again that he's destined for a television career.

Wouldn't you know it? His time has come, and it isn't just his time. Baby brother is coming along for the ride.

Jason Kelce and younger brother Travis's New Heights podcast could find its way onto the Amazon streaming platform.

If you're like most, you've probably grown a tad weary of the podcasting circuit. There are nine million. Most are hosted by people who aren't that interesting, but there are a few worth adding a bookmark. Throw Jason and Travis Kelce's New Heights brand in that category.

With just a tad under 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube at the time of this story's release, New Heights doesn't just allow two brothers who don't see one another as often during the football season to hang out with one another. It's 90 minutes of laughs aired weekly during the offseason.

Truth be told. These guys are naturals at the media thing. New Heights (and Jason's 'Kelce' documentary on Amazon Prime) furthered our opinion that Jason and Travis are destined for television.

Recently, we learned that Jason is expected to join ESPN's brand as one of the hosts of the highly popular Monday Night Countdown. It appears that the hits keep coming.

Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reported even more recently that New Heights is negotiating with Amazon to secure a considerable streaming deal.

"The New Heights show could have a new home. Travis and Jason Kelce are in serious talks about bringing their popular podcast to Amazon’s Wondery, The Post has learned... No deal has been finalized... An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment to The Post...

Wow! That's huge!

Jason Kelce is a Super Bowl champion, a seven-time Pro Bowler, and a six-time All-Pro. Younger brother Travis is the owner of three Super Bowl rings. He's a nine-time Pro Bowler, and you may have heard... His girlfriend is one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

But, the coolest thing about Jason and Travis is they're just two guys we'd want to hang out with. For now, we'll settle for doing so on YouTube, but you never know...

They may force us to do what Thursday Night Football couldn't... pay for a Prime Video subscription.

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