Jason Kelce has the perfect blend of personality and enthusiasm to succeed as a broadcaster

The future NFL Hall of Famer and Eagles great looks to be transitioning toward a career as an analyst once he retires from playing football.
Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears
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He hasn't officially announced his retirement from the NFL, but Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce has been thinking about other career opportunities. One of the key leaders for Philly for most of his 13 years as a pro, the Cleveland Heights, Ohio native has accomplished just about everything a professional football athlete can.

The only thing he could do at this point to further establish his legacy as an all-time great is win more Super Bowls than his brother Travis, but that may not be in the cards. We can't have everything, after all.

There is no doubt that Kelce will be in the Eagles Hall of Fame. He'll also be a Pro Football Hall of Fame once his playing career is over and his time comes. Brian Dawkins and Kelce run neck and neck as the most beloved Eagles in history because of their talent, passion, and leadership.

Legends rarely come around but they come to mind when one thinks of players who have impacted this organization. Dawkins and Kelce are the Eagles that I would include in my "Mount Rushmore" of all-time franchise greats who I have watched during my lifetime. To be fair, however, I haven't been around to see most of what this franchise has done. They have been around since their first season in 1933 after all.

Still, it seems like much of the media agrees with my statement.

Here's a question. Is there any reason to believe he won't succeed as a broadcaster?

Jason Kelce has the right blend of football IQ and personality to succeed as an NFL broadcaster.

If you've been paying attention, you've already seen that Jason Kelce can find success in broadcasting. His New Heights podcast, one he co-hosts with his brother, is the evidence.

The show has found success as it has been nominated for an iHeartRadio Podcast Award. Neither Jason or Travis will shy away from giving their opinions. 'Quiet' and 'reserved' are two words we'd avoid using to describe wither of them. That's why they have been successful.

Check out a 2023 piece in The Athletic from Eagles reporter Zach Berman. It details Jason's preparation for his transition to an NFL broadcasting career. He's been learning about the industry and meeting with network executives.

According to Front Office Sports, Jason met with ESPN and Fox in Las Vegas this past week regarding a future broadcast opportunity. He reportedly met with other networks including CBS and NBC as well.

In addition to trying out his skills previously on the NFL Network, Kelce was previously a guest analyst on Amazon Prime Video's Thursday Night Football for the Carolina Panthers-Chicago Bears contest during the Eagles Week 10 bye this season. He provided some humor and gave insight into the famous Tush-Push play Philadelphia's offense has implemented during the last two seasons.

Kelce would excel as an analyst whether it be in studio or live on location at an NFL game. If he found his way into the broadcast booth, the network that hires him could make him a regular commentator during Eagles games.

Retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, during his Fox tenure, was a frequent analyst for Cowboys games. Former gunslinger Tony Romo often finds his way into the booth when the Cowboys are the featured team in a nationally televised game when they are on CBS.

It would be tons of fun if the network that hired Kelce assigned him to Eagles games. Who cares who they'd be playing? Heck, who cares if two foreign teams were playing? He would certainly deliver as an analyst.

He is an energetic, dedicated worker who has excelled while playing in the NFL for 13 years. He will apply that same work ethic to be successful as an analyst. We have no reason to believe otherwise.

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