Kenny Pickett joins a list of Eagles QBs to wear the Number 7 jersey in Philly

Kenny Pickett is following the footsteps of two Eagles signal-callers. He'll be rocking the Number 7 jersey for Philly.
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Kenny Pickett turns 26 years old on June 6th, If our math is correct, that means the only way he saw Ron Jaworski play was by pulling up a clip to view 'Jaws' on YouTube. The new Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller might have an easier time remembering Michael Vick's run.

Why do we bring them up? It's simple. Kenny, a lifelong Birds fan, is following in their footsteps.

Kenny Pickett will wear the Number 7 jersey for the Eagles. Let's hope he doesn't have to get it dirty.

Pickett has chosen the Number 7 jersey. He didn't have much of a choice. C.J. Gardner-Johnson had already claimed the Number 8 because, as he says, he's doing so to honor Kobe Bryant. The former Pitt Panther is complaining though. As he says, it was time for a "reset".

"I wanna get back to having fun. ... It's a great environment here with these coaches and these players, so that's what I wanna get back to.". Those were the words of a newly-acquired Pickett not too long ago.

This is Jalen Hurts' team and offense. Kenny is obviously here to play the backup QB role (even if it's easy to assume he may have loftier ambitions). That being said, let's hope 'fun' means the Eagles are up big in the second half, the starters are resting, and Kenny and the backups are performing a little mop-up duty.

As far as those 'other Number 7s', they provided several wonderful memories for Eagles fans. During his ten-year run with the Birds, Jaws started 137 of 142 regular-season appearances. He made another seven starts during the postseason. He threw for over 26,963 passing yards and tossed 175 TDs. He threw nine more TDs during the playoffs and led Philly to a Super Bowl.

Vick started 42 of his 54 in-game Eagles appearances and was electric. He threw for 9,984 yards and 57 TDs. He reached the end zone as a rusher 15 times and added another 1,998 yards with his legs.

While we're on the subject, we'll even show a little love to Jeff Garcia. He wasn't here long, but he rocked the Number 7 jersey too, and even now, we have nothing bit love for him.

Time will tell what Pickett's Eagles tenure looks like. Again, let's hope Philly wins often and we don't have to see him much.

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