Eagles take a wild swing and find their backup QB, one who may have loftier ambitions

Kenny Pickett is joining the Philadelphia Eagles. Wait! What?

Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, if you saw this coming, you're in the wrong line of work. Suppose you woke up on Friday morning (or any day this week), and you somehow knew the Philadelphia Eagles were adding Kenny Pickett. In that case, you need to put in your two-week notice, move to Las Vegas, join forces with a sportsbook and/or casino, and start putting lines and odds together.

Yep! Forget about those Justin Field rumors (and the guys who may have been better options). The Birds have added their backup QB, and they did so by taking the wildest swing imaginable.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Steelers are sending Kenny Pickett to Philly and a swapping of draft picks is involved. Don't take our word for it. Take a look for yourselves.

Well, we thought we'd be able to peek across the state and see how that battle with Russell Wilson for the starting role is going, but that won't happen. Hold on. We have questions now.

Kenny Pickett joins the Eagles' QB room as a backup, but does he have loftier goals?

We know, based on this decision, that Pickett wasn't happy with accepting the backup role for the Black and Gold. Are we to assume he would rather accept the same role for Philly or does he have loftier ambitions? Is this a statement that he believes his path back to a starting gig is easier if he is competing with Jalen Hurts? Maybe not, right? After all, the trade wasn't his doing, and he had no say in where he would land.

Hey, don't get mad at us. We're just throwing ideas out there. Time will tell how things shake out, but this is interesting for several reasons.

For now, the beautiful story of the former PItt Panther leaving school to join the Steelers is over, and it didn't end how we expected. That's okay. Life is like that sometimes. Instead, it's time to work the 'Kenny Pickett joins the team he grew up cheering for' angle. You know what? We like that. It's a better story, and we ALWAYS root for the story as our friend John McMullen would say.

Philly has a QB room. Jalen is the guy. Tanner McKee waits in the wings if there are any emergency scenarios, but Pickett is the presumed backup. Here's the good news. K.P. is also mobile, so the offense won't have to be altered a ton if Jalen misses time with injury.

Yes, we realize Pickett has never been called 'K.P.', but we're digging it!

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