Micah Parsons throws cold water on a potential dream Eagles homecoming

Everyone, at some point, has discussed the possibility of Micah Parsons donning an Eagles jersey. This time, he's the one addressing the issue.
Micah Parsons, Cowboys, Lane Johnson & Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Micah Parsons, Cowboys, Lane Johnson & Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

There's just something about the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans' disdain for Dallas. Ask around. Most Birds fans won't even draft someone from the Cowboys' roster onto their Fantasy football team. Come on. Why in the heck would we do that?

Think about it. As strange as it sounds, doing so would mean we'd have to watch the Cowboys in hopes that those players on our Fantasy rosters did well. You know no way in the heck is that happening, but let's talk about the actual Eagles and Cowboys players.

There's this theory, and it goes a little something like this. Though football stars lead nomadic lives, there is this superstitious idea that former Cowboys who join the Eagles never seem to work out. Think DeMarco Murray and Orlando Scandrick if you need any recent examples.

So, most of your friends will tell you Philly should never raid the Cowboys. We'd imagine there are exceptions to that rule. One of which would be Micah Parsons, right? How likely is that though?

Micah Parsons says he has no interest in leaving Dallas and he has no desire to play for the Eagles.

It seems as though the more we grow weary of hearing about something, the more we are forced into the conversation. How often can we argue that every disgruntled player is a perfect fit for the Philadelphia Eagles roster?

Micah Parson's unusual infatuation with seemingly everything the Birds are up to, at times, is another of those overmentioned discussions. It has gotten so bad at times that we have often wondered if the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native secretly would prefer to be a member of the Eagles' roster than his own.

Longtime Eagles insider Howard Eskin has stated publicly he'd rather see Parsons stay in Dallas. Even more recently, C.J. Gardner-Johnson questioned his loyalty to the Cowboys. Micah decided to take some time recently to set the record straight.

Wait! Doesn't T.J. Watt play for the Steelers? Isn't this that same T.J. Watt whose skills were questioned by one Parsons?

Don't worry. We brought receipts. We enter exhibit A into evidence.

The Eagles drafted Nolan Smith last year. They added Bryce Huff to the mix via free agency on March 13th. We'll see how things go, but on the surface, it seems Parsons' defection from Dallas to Philadelphia is unlikely regardless of how much you might want to see it happen.

Oh... And, this still doesn't explain his unusual Eagles infatuation. We refuse to give him a pass for years of statements about one Eagles player or roster move after another.

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