Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson questions Micah Parsons' Cowboys loyalty

Here's a disclaimer. We're fans of trash-talk over here, and we just cooked up 550 words to talk about it.
Micah Parsons, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Micah Parsons, Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Before another word is typed (or read in your case), we may as well lay the disclaimer down now. I'm a fan of trash-talking. I believe it's an art... You know... Like poetry... Sure, it doesn't rhyme or anything, but you get the idea. As long as it didn't cross certain lines or venture into bullying, I'm a fan of loose lips and I support them. The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys have been mortal enemies since before some of us were born. They'll continue to feud long after we all have gone to the big ol' Linc in the sky.

That brings us to one of our favorite Birds and a man who would give anything to join the franchise, C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Micah Parsons.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson roasts Micah Parsons (and we loved every moment of it).

The mini-feud between Parsons and C.J. G.J. isn't venomous. It isn't long standing. It doesn't even appear to be a feud that Micah participates in, so maybe calling it a feud is in error. Still, we've mentioned these two in conjunction with one another before.

There was the time C.J. tweeted a photo stating Micah wanted to be an Eagles (a tweet he deleted shortly thereafter). And, now, even more recently, Now, more recently, C.J. has Micah in his sights again.

Following Parsons' recent appearance at a 76ers playoff game, a game Gardner-Johnson rung the bell to open and was also attending, C.J. accused Micah of clout-chasing.

Oh, don't worry. We have brought along receipts!

I repeat. I'm a fan of trash-talk, and I support it. The bandwagon nature of Parsons' fandom has always been called into question as he switches jerseys more often than Snoop Dogg. This is differnt though.

Why? It's simple... Because we can draw another line connecting Parsons to Philly.

So, yeah... Talk all the trash you desire to talk C.J.! The world has gotten too sensitive, especially when it comes to sports.

Everyone has to win a participation trophy. No one wants to offend anyone. Guys give coaches the silent treatment when coaches... well.. coach. I'll listen to stuff like this all day. Please give me the bulletin board material and do so all day. You're free to have your opinion. This is mine.

For the sake of time, if you're new to this sometimes-disrespectful family known as Birds fans, you'll need to do research on your own time to understand where this disdain for Dallas comes from and the continuing saga that has become Philly living rent-free in Micah Parsons' head. Here are a couple of quick nuggets though.

Micah is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He played his college ball at Penn State, and after the Eagles had a chance to draft him but elected instead to acquire DeVonta Smith in the 2021 NFL Draft (that was the right move by Philly while we're on that topic), Parsons has spent more time than he should offering his opinion about a lot of what the Eagles are doing.

There was the 'is it Jalen Hurts or the team around him' thing. He's sat in agony watching the first round of these past two drafts as the Eagles landed the Jalen Carter/Nolan Smith combo in 2023 and Quinyon Mitchell this past Thursday. The story continues. We'll be watching. Getcha popcorn ready!