Eagles keep living rent-free in Micah Parsons' head after stealing desired Cowboys prospect

It's gotten to the point where we enjoy watching this guy suffer.
Micah Parsons, Philadelphia Eagles
Micah Parsons, Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Here's a personal mini-testimony. I absolutely despise the Dallas Cowboys. I don't care who knows this. I don't care how you are taking this. As a matter of fact, I don't believe I understood hate as a concept before my love for Philadelphia Eagles football taught me about how wretched that organization and its fans are.

Troy Aikman hasn't played there in almost 24 years. I still watch games with the volume muted if he's a part of the broadcast. Michael Irvin still makes my skin crawl. I get as much pleasure out of watching the Cowboys lose as I gain from watching the Birds win... Then, there's Micah Parsons.

I don't have to tell you how annoying he is. It seemingly gets worse as years pass, so yes, I'm overjoyed when he's in agony.

Guess what happened this time.

The Eagles still live rent-free in Micah Parsons' head.

Besides watching what he did during his NCAA days at Penn State, most of my viewing of Parsons' football journey has forced me to cheer against him from the other sideline. He's a Cowboy. Again, I wallow in seeing him fail.

Parsons brings this on himself though. There was the comment about Jalen Hurts that rubbed us all the wrong way. Then, came the constant jabs here and there that only uncovered the true issue.

Micah Parsons would actually rather be in Philly than Dallas... Yeah, I said it!

This is seemingly never going to end though. In what has become tradition, the Cowboys star continues to bring the Birds up whenever he finds his way in front of a microphone. Don't look now. Following the Quinyon Mitchell addition, he's at it again.

You know what? That actually isn't that bad now that I have taken time to look at it again. Watching this guy suffer forces a smile across my face.

I'm teasing of course (sort of). Maybe I have taken this too far. Here's where I'll end it. Dallas sucks. They have always sucked, and so does everyone who has ever worn the star.

Too much? I think not.

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