Nakobe Dean and 4 other Eagles to rock the Number 17 jersey

  • 15 Eagles players have worn the Number 17 jersey.
  • Two are Super Bowl heroes. One is a Hall-of-Famer.
  • Nakobe Dean is the current owner.
  • He joins a list of some of the most memorable Eagles ever.

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles
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Nakobe Dean hopes to carve his niche wearing the Number 17 jersey, one that has been worn by some colorful Eagles of the past.

In his second season with the number 17 on his back, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Nakobe Dean is expected to become a heavy contributor and leader on a young Sean Desai-led defense. Philly let T.J. Edwards and Kyzir White walk this past offseason, and the pressure is on Philly's new defensive signal-caller to become a tacking machine for the Birds.

Jersey numbers are always interesting. We wear those of our favorite players. Many NFL stars have sentimental reasons for selecting the number combinations they choose.

The Birds have played football for nine decades, but there haven't been many Eagles to wear the number 17. Dean is the 15th player to rock the jersey, the third to do so on the defensive side of the ball. He is also the fifth player to don the digits for multiple years as part of this franchise.

Wide receivers have most commonly worn the ensemble. Five have done so. There is also some legacy involved.

Three former players wearing 17 have earned Pro Bowl nods. Two won the Super Bowl (although only one of the two wore the number while this occurred). There is also a Hall of Famer that we associate with the number. Nakobe is in good company. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane.