New Eagles QB Kenny Pickett denies reports of poor reaction to the Russell Wilson trade

Kenny Pickett tells his side of the story.

Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

He's spoiled.. He's entitled... He threw a temper-tantrum and forced his way out of the Steel City. Those were some of the takes we heard while trying to make sense of the Philadelphia Eagles' acquisition of new QB Kenny Pickett.

Days have passed. We're still trying to find answers for why the Pittsburgh Steelers were so willing to let a former first-round selection go after only two seasons (and do so for what seems to be an inexpensive asking price). It has to be more than their ability to acquire a washed-up Russell Wilson, right?

The Birds got their backup QB and swapped 2024 draft picks with the Black and Gold. Philly now owns the 120th-overall selection in Round 4. Pittsburgh gains Philly's third-round compensatory selection and lands two seventh-round picks in 2025 to sweeten the deal.

But, what happened? Maybe we should bury the past and move on, but we can't. And, it appears that some other members of the media are also curious.

Kenny Pickett denies reports that he handled the Russell Wilson trade poorly and his Steelers exit stems from poor reaction.

As media members, we root for the story. As great as it is to discuss a former Pitt Panther landing with the Steelers, it's more interesting to discuss a lifelong Eagles fan returning home to suit up for the team he grew up rooting for (even if Ocean Township, New Jersey is probably closer to being Giants country).

Kenny Pickett has been attending Eagles games with his dad since he was five. His first sit-down with select Philly media members lasted a tad over ten minutes. His answers were what you'd expect.

He knows this is Jalen Hurts' team. He wants to do whatever it takes this team win, but he also wants to clear the air about those reports about his attitude.

Two angles... Same sentiment... Hes pleased with how he has conducted himself.

So, here we are. Things didn't work out in Pittsburgh. Truthfully, we'll never know how that last conversation went. Things happen. Hopefully, his time in Philly will give him a fresh start.

Let's end the Steelers conversation by discussing a little football. Pickett started 24 of 25 in-game appearances and crafted 14 wins while suffering ten losses. His stat line is as follows:

713 pass attempts resulted in 446 completions (62.6%). He has thrown for 4,474 yards and 13 touchdowns while also tossing 13 interceptions. He has also gained 291 yards and scored four more TDs thanks to 97 career rushing attempts.

Is he an upgrade from Marcus Mariota? Time will soon tell.

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