NFL insiders explain why Eagles were able to trade for Kenny Pickett

Media members are pulling the curtain back, and frankly, some of what we have heard is concerning.

Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles
Kenny Pickett, Philadelphia Eagles / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Okay... Okay... The fun police have arrived. This isn't quite like having the police show up at your door to tell all of your friends to go home before calling your parents. It's more of the 'everyone needs to calm down and breathe' angle. Just in case you took a nap or something, here's what you missed. The Philadelphia Eagles traded with the Pittsburgh Steelers to land Kenny Pickett. What's that? Oh, you heard that part? Okay, how about this?

Stories about why the black and gold moved on are being tossed around, and frankly, we don't like much of what we're hearing.

Steelers insiders and national NFL reporters are handing us behind-the-scenes access of the Eagles' trade to land Kenny Pickett.

We hate to point the finger (or wave it), but some of you are hilarious. What happened to those posts and reposts about locker-room disharmony, and getting those bad apples out of town?

We didn't watch a ton of Steelers football this season. Come on. Even when they're winning, they're tough to watch sometimes, especially on offense, but we distinctly remember there being something about Philly's new QB2 refusing to dress as an emergency quarterback.

Don't worry we hung on to the receipts. Thank longtime Steelers reporter Gerry Dulac for the alley-oop pass.

Okay, so you remember that Carson Wentz fellow? Tall redhead.. You know... The guy that thought playing the starting QB role for the Eagles was a lifetime assignment. How can we say this Kenny Pickett has a Carson Wentz quality. Some guys are entitled and when they see their job threatened, they would rather complain their way out of town than fight for it.

Here's some of what Albert Breer had to say:

Okay, here's where we stand. You are more than welcome to disagree with the following statements.

We've complained about 'locker room cancers', sensitive guys, and anonymous sources for so long that we're starting to question everything. It wasn't that long ago that we praised Jalen Hurts for his stoic nature. Now, there are complaints about that being an issue, and we want him to smile and talk to his teammates more when he's on the sideline.

Really? This is where we are now?

We'll give you that name again... Carson Wentz... Do you see how that made you feel? If you think Kenny Pickett is joining the Eagles and is comfortable with playing the Robin to Jalen Hurts' Batman, we don't know what you're looking at. You know what? We aren't even mad at that.

In a world where guys would rather join forces to build super teams than compete with one another, it's nice to see someone with a little fire. Let's just hope these aren't warning signs we'll regret having ignored.

Maybe the friendly competition will bring the best out of Jalen Hurts. We've seen him respond before. Frankly, we think things will settle as they should. Jalen is the better QB. Time will prove Kenny is best suited to be his backup.

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