NFL Week 10 standings ordered by points allowed per game: Eagles tumble from NFL's elite tier

The Eagles are the owners of the NFL's best record. Just for kicks, we readjusted the standings based on points surrendered per game. Here's what we came up with.
A.J. Brown (L), DeVonta Smith (R), Philadelphia Eagles
A.J. Brown (L), DeVonta Smith (R), Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

They say offense sells tickets, and defense wins championships. Well, that's what they used to say anyway. The last two Super Bowls the Philadelphia Eagles qualified for short-circuited that theory. They produced 74 and 73 points respectively.

Philly won Super Bowl LII and put up 41 points. They fell this past February and hung 35 on the Kansas City Chiefs, so these days maybe we need to alter that theory above some.

Offense makes the world go around. The defense will give your team the chance to win the game... And, then the offense must win the game for you in most cases.

Just for kicks, let's talk about defense anyway. Hey, it's always fun when we see those occasional last-second stands to preserve victory. See the Eagles most recent game versus the Dallas Cowboys if you need any evidence of that theory.

NFL Week 10 standings ordered by points surrendered per game

We've seen a phenomenal season of NFL action so far. We haven't definitively decided much, but there's plenty of football left to play.

The Eagles are among four teams that are off in Week 10. They own the NFL's best record, and they have done so despite not playing their best football game yet.

Here's a look at the standings if we rank teams by points allowed per game. We took a look at ESPN stats. The Birds have been impressive, but there's room for improvement.

1. Baltimore Ravens - 13.8
2. Kansas City Chiefs - 15.9
3. Cleveland Browns - 17.4
4. San Francisco 49ers - 17.5
5. Buffalo Bills - 17.8
6. Dallas Cowboys - 18.5
7. New Orleans Saints - 19.0
8. New York Jets - 19.5
8. Jacksonville Jaguars - 19.5
10. Green Bay Packers - 19.9
11. Tennessee Titans - 20.0
12. Cincinnati Bengals - 20.3
13. Pittsburgh Steelers - 20.4
14. Detroit Lions - 20.6
14. Houston Texans - 20.6
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 20.9
17. Minnesota Vikings - 21.1
18. Atlanta Falcons - 21.3
19. Las Vegas Raiders - 21.4
20. Philadelphia Eagles - 21.7
21. Los Angeles Chargers - 21.8
22. Seattle Seahawks - 21.9
23. Los Angeles Rams - 22.7
24. New York Giants - 24.1
25. Miami Dolphins - 25.0
26. New England Patriots - 25.3
27. Arizona Cardinals - 26.7
28. Chicago Bears - 26.9
28. Indianapolis Colts - 26.9
30. Washington Commanders - 27.2
31. Denver Broncos - 28.3
31. Carolina Panthers - 28.3

The first game of the midseason gauntlet is done. Philly survived one to topple the Dallas Cowboys. Here are their next five games.

Game, location

Date & time

Kansas City Chiefs (AWAY)

Mon 11/20, 8:15 pm EST

Buffalo Bills (HOME)

Sun, Nov 26th, 4:25 pm EST

San Francisco 49ers (HOME)

Sun Dec 3rd, 4:25 pm EST

Dallas Cowboys (AWAY)

Sun Dec 10th, 8:20 pm EST

Seattle Seahawks (AWAY)

Sun Dec 17th, 4:25 pm EST

Philly's game versus the Kansas City Chiefs will be played on Monday Night Football. We'll see if the Birds still have the NFL's best record after that one.

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