Obvious positives, reasonable concerns stemming from the Eagles' Vic Fangio hire

Time will tell if Vic Fangio was the right hire for the Eagles defensive coordinator role, but in the meantime, we can discuss the pros and cons.
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles
Vic Fangio, Philadelphia Eagles / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA
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Following the Philadelphia Eagles' season-ending loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the Wild Card Round, changes were expected. We all anticipated a minimum of two coaching assistant hires, especially after defensive coordinator Sean Desai was stripped of playcalling duties and things got worse when that responsibility was given to senior defensive assistant Matt Patricia.

The winds of change blew in Vic Fangio at season's end. His arrival made a few Birds fans happy. It also made some of the Miami Dolphins smile because he left.

The Eagles will enter next season with a new defensive coordinator for the second consecutive year. The most obvious question is to be expected.

Was Vic Fangio the right hire for the Eagles? At least Philly had better options this time.

For the second consecutive season, Philadelphia will enter the 2024 campaign with a new defensive coordinator. This time, they were free of the disadvantage brought by a Super Bowl run leaving them with minimal options.

Jonathan Gannon leads the Arizona Cardinals now. Sean Desai and Matt Patricia are gone. It's Fangio's show now.

An early Eagles hire gave Philly some better options, and now teams that advanced further in the postseason are experiencing some of what the Birds felt this past February. The Baltimore Ravens will have to replace their defensive coordinator, Mike Macdonald, and their search for his replacement won't yield the same level of prospects that it would have had he left two weeks ago.

The Eagles close January with Vic Fangio on their coaching staff. Can you believe it? Now that we have had time to let the announcement sink in, let's look at the positives and negatives of making that decision.