Philadelphia Eagles career passing leaders: Who has the most passing yards in Eagles history?

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia Eagles
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Sonny Jurgensen (1957 -1963)

  • 83 regular-season played, 39 starts
  • One postseason game played, zero starts
  • 1,107 attempts, 602 completions, 54.4% comp percentage (reg season)
  • 9,639 passing yards (regular season)
  • 76 passing TDs (reg season), Zero passing TDs (postseason)
  • 112 rushing yards, five rushing TDs

Old-school Eagles fans and history buffs typically think of Sonny Jurgensen as a Washington quarterback. Make no mistake about it though. He's the rare Washington quarterback that also carved his place into the Eagles' history and record books.

Jurgensen is a member of the NFL 1960s All-Decade Team. He's also a member of both the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame and the Washington Commanders Ring of Fame.

Sonny wouldn't lead the Eagles to its 1960 NFL Championship Game win over the Green Bay Packers. That would be Norm Van Brocklin. That's one heck of a quarterback room, isn't it?

Nick Foles (2012 - 2014, 2017 - 2018)

  • 40 regular-season games played, 32 starts
  • Six postseason games played, six starts
  • 1,189 attempts, 748 completions, 62.9% comp percentage (reg season)
  • 210 attempts, 143 completions, 68.1% comp percentage (postseason)
  • 8,703 passing yards (regular season)
  • 1,633 passing yards (postseason)
  • 58 passing TDs (reg season), 11 passing TDs (postseason)
  • 351 rushing yards, four rushing TDs

Only one man can state he's the first quarterback to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win. That title will forever belong to Nick Foles.

Two stints with the Birds led to some magical moments and unforgettable performances. Here's what we can say about Saint Nick though. He played his best when his best was needed.

Bobby Thomason (1952 - 1957)

  • 68 regular-season games played, 43 starts
  • 1,113 attempts, 556 completions, 50% comp percentage (reg season
  • 8,124 passing yards (regular season)
  • 57 passing TDs (reg season)
  • 295 rushing yards, six rushing TDs

Bobby Thompson lands ahead of Jalen Hurts to occupy the tenth spot on this list... for now, but don't sleep on Thompson's accomplishments.

A Second-Team All-Pro in 1953. That same year doubled as the first of three Pro Bowl nods in an Eagles jersey. The other two came in 1955 and 1956.

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