7 Pro Football Hall of Famers who could have been Philadelphia Eagles

If only life had a reset button like a video game console. If we could rewrite history, the Eagles most certainly would have added these Hall of Famers.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles - September 8, 2003
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles - September 8, 2003 / Al Messerschmidt/GettyImages
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If we had the power to rewrite history, we would certainly revisit a few NFL Drafts and make some adjustments to the Eagles' draft strategy.

It has been said that hindsight is always seen in 20/20 vision. Most would Philadelphia Eagles fans will agree with that. The Monday morning quarterbacks among us and those that love discussing our great game's history have the benefit of sitting back in those recliners and making judgment calls based on information that wasn't available when certain decisions were made.

It has also been said that the annual NFL Draft is a crapshoot. Most Eagles fans would agree with that too. Scouts work hard year-round. Their jobs are demanding, but despite their efforts and recommendations, there's no telling how NCAA stars will adjust to the pro game until we see them play.

Every draft class has its disappointments, its surprises, and, yes, its busts. Philly can attest to that. If we could somehow combine that hindsight and stumble across a device that allows us to travel back in time, we would certainly change a few things. Just for kicks, let's have some fun. Here are six members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame that could have been members of the Eagles family.