Recent Eagles draftees who haven't received extensions but are already on the hot seat

These guys have a lot to prove, and they need to do so quickly.

Marlon Tuipulotu, Philadelphia Eagles
Marlon Tuipulotu, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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No one should be shocked when a competition-fueled sport turns up the pressure cooker on the guys we cheer for and against. Competition breeds a better viewing product. The competition gives birth to rivalries. Then, there's the other side of the discussion. Competition pushes players who are part of the same roster. Look no further than our Philadelphia Eagles if you need evidence of that theory.

Some of the guys on this current roster are safe. We know who Philly's starters are. That doesn't mean they won't turn on the pressure cooker for those guys by signing talent at the same position to push them and make them look over their shoulders.

Truthfully, that's exactly what's needed to push some guys. Then again, that could make some guys crumble (Carson Wentz). The Eagles can't worry about that. Failure to continue stocking the depth chart leads to watering down the roster.

Marlon Tuipulotu, defensive tackle

And just like that, Marlon Tuipulotu is in a contract season. Where did the time go? He and the other members of the 2021 Eagles draft class are already in year four.

None of those guys have been extended yet. Marlon is in a unique situation though. Philly is loaded with talent at the defensive tackle position. NBC Sports Philly's Reuben Frank believes Fletcher Cox's days are numbered, and he could be right. There's no guarantee that Fletch is done though.

Let's say he returns though. Tuipulotu is, in all likelihood, staring up at Cox, Jordan Davis, Jalen Carter, and Milton Williams on the depth chart. Noah Elliss, Moro Ojomo, and Thomas Booker are all nipping at his heels.

We placed him on a list of guys who have yet to receive extensions but are already on the hot seat. Here are a handful of other Eagles who also qualify.