Silver linings following the Eagles lopsided Week 13 loss vs. 49ers

Don't fret. Despite a lopsided Eagles loss in Week 13, there are plenty of reasons to smile.
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Don't hang those heads! Here are a handful of silver linings following the Eagles' 42-19 loss versus the San Francisco 49ers in Week 13.

Okay, we get it! That was tough to watch. Some say that, if you're going to lose, you'd rather do so in the manner that the Philadelphia Eagles did in Week 13... by a considerable margin. They say they'd rather take the pounding than be fooled into thinking their team has a shot before watching things collapse in crunch time.

Maybe they're right. Maybe those close gut-wrenching losses are worse. We don't agree with that, but we appreciate the argument. Here's where we stand. Losing hurts regardless of how it happens. All we know is positivity is needed.

Look, most of us said that, had the Eagles completed the first four games of the toughest six-game stretch of their season with a 3-1 record, we would have taken that. They have done that. It's time to turn the page to the coming game versus the Dallas Cowboys.

If you still aren't smiling, don't worry. We have a handful of silver linings for those dark clouds. Trust us on this one. There's a lot for us to be proud of.

Jalen Hurts returned from a head-injury scare and finished the game.

This might be the best news we received yesterday. Can you imagine the state of mind that we'd be in had we watched that blugeoning and woke up this morning knowing that Jalen Hurts would sit out next week?

QB1 left Sunday's game with what we thought was a head injury. He passed concussion protocol and returned. If you don't smile for any other reason, at least smile for that one.

Here are a few other nuggets we'd like to put on your mind.