Top ten Philadelphia Eagles of all time, ranked by artificial intelligence

  • Some of the names will make sense.
  • Some of the names mentioned will make you scratch your head.
  • Artificial Intelligence ranks the top ten Eagles of all time.

#20 Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles
#20 Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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We asked AI who the top ten Philadelphia Eagles to ever wear the uniform were. The results were, in a word, interesting.

For as long as football has been played, there have been disputes among fans on who the game's greatest players are. Similar conversations have split the Philadelphia Eagles fan base right down the middle. Seasons change. Years pass, and every generation revisits the conversation only to arrive at the same result. Sometimes, it's wise to employ the 'agree to disagree' theory.

Asking artificial intelligence, or AI, random questions isn't the most productive use of one's time, but it certainly is fun. It's an intriguing way to flex the brain cells. Surf social media or the web, and you'll see this has been a topic of discussion recently.

While some people use AI to brainstorm and explore ideas, others look for answers to questions about varying issues. Others still use it to help them with their homework among other things. We decided to ask it one question:

"Who are the greatest Philadelphia Eagles players of all time?"

So, AI language model ChatGPT worked its magic. Here are the results. Here's some fair warning. Their answers may raise a few eyebrows. Let the debate begin.