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InsidetheIggles Draft Diary: Day 1


Welcome to the ITI NFL Draft Weekend diary. I’ll be here throughout the next two days providing my scintillating thoughts and analysis on the proceedings. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

9:31 pm EST: I’m gonna wrap it up for today. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. I was skeptical heading into today but for once, Reid and Co. didn’t disappoint. I like Maclin because it was a high value selection. I’ve been enamored with McCoy for months, so I love his addition. If the Birds land a tight end and cornerback tomorrow, they will come away looking pretty good. Until then….

9:04 pm EST: Eagles draft LeSean McCoy!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST. DRAFT. EVER. Great job by Reid and Co.

9:00 pm EST: I think the Cowboys just passed on their pick. WTF!!! Oh no, I guess it was a trade with the Bills.

8:49 pm EST: Whew!! McCoy still available. If he makes it to 53 and the Eagles get him, I will call this draft a smashing success after two rounds.

8:48 pm EST: Seahawks on the clock. Could it be McCoy?

8:40 pm EST: The Raiders continue to defy logic. Some safety from Ohio named Michael Mitchell. Geesh. Raider Nation can’t be pleased.

8:36 pm EST: I just got to thinking. DeSean, Curtis, Avant and Maclin “could” be fantastic. A lot of toys for Marty and Andy to play with.

8:34 pm EST: Damn!! Clint Sintim goes to the hated G-Men. I really like Sintim. Giants getting a good player.

8:29 pm EST: Dolphins take Pat White. Pair him with Tedd Ginn, Jr and you have…??…. I’m not really sure. Never question Parcells.

8:21 pm EST: Merrill Reese has man-crush on LeSean McCoy. Will he last until 53? I doubt it.

8:16 pm EST: Pats nab Darius Butler. Another guy linked to the Birds. Belichick continues to master the draft process.

7:48 pm EST: Brian Robiskie to the Brownies. Should make a nice underneath receiver. Broncos on the move again.

7:38 pm EST: Charlie Casserly just said Maclin was the best value pick in the first round. He also praised the Birds’ off-season moves .

7:36 pm EST: The second round is under way. Lions take safety Louis Delmas. They need plenty of defense. By the way, first round lasted about three and a half hours. That’s pretty brisk.

7:30 pm EST: Another RB went off the board. Colts grab Donald Brown. I guess they weren’t happy with Addai last season. I like Brown. Giants took Hakeem Nicks. Good pick for them. One my favorite players, Kenny Britt, goes to the Titans. Cards take Chris Wells; the most obvious pick of the first round, besides the Lions.

6:46 pm EST: Time to eat some dinner. I’ll be back.

6:39 pm EST: Eagles draft a receiver. Will it make the fans happy? Probably not. Bottom line: Maclin was a great value pick at 19 and should be an excellent return man. Might take him a couple years to absorb the playbook, but I think he’ll be good. Basically, Maclin replaces Greg Lewis. I would call that an upgrade.


6:08 pm EST: McWunderkind goes with Ayers. One-year wonder or the next big thing??

6:04 pm EST: Josh Freeman to the Bucs. Terrible pick. He is a major project. Good luck Tampa.

5:56 pm EST: Five picks away from the Birds. At this point it could be anyone. Ayers, Maclin, Davis?? Trade back? Ugh. This is painful.

5:54 pm EST: Another reach pick. Chargers take Larry English.

5:41 pm EST: The first corner goes to the Saints. Malcolm Jenkins will try to improve a secondary that has stunk for ten years.

5:37 pm EST: ‘Skins grab Orakpo. I’ll take Jason Peters in that matchup. By the way, don’t be surprised if Birds trade out of 21.

5:34 pm EST: I called it. Knowshon Moreno will not be an Eagle. The Broncos get him at #12. He was just too good to pass up.

5:24 pm EST: Crabtree goes to the Niners. Major steal. Too bad they have no quarterback.

5:10 pm EST: Eugene Monroe slipped to Jags. Very fortunate for Jax-ville. They needed s tackle. Sorry Tre.

5:00 pm EST: The dumbest pick, biggest reach in years! Raiders take Heyward-Bey ahead of Crabtree. Al Davis is insane, literally.

4:44 pm EST: Finally, some action. Leave it to the Jets to trade up to get Sanchez. Dumb move, IMO. Fans are booing all over Radio City Music Hall. Gave up the 17th, 52nd and three players (QB Ratliff, S Elam, DE Coleman).

4:34 pm EST: Aaron Curry makes total sense. Seahawks now have best linebacking trio in NFL.

4:27 pm EST: A mild surprise from the Chiefs. Tyson Jackson is the third pick. Bit of a reach, but Pioli knows his stuff.

4:18 pm EST: My favorite player in the draft goes to the Rams. Jason Smith is a beast!! Great pick.

4:05 pm EST: Stafford to the Lions. Yawn…

3:54 pm EST: There is a rumor floating the Eagles are involved in Braylon Edwards trade. Not sure about that one.

3:45 pm EST: The NFL net panel thinks Eagles will go offense early. That means defense for sure.

3:15 pm EST: Love a good power nap. Have the Birds drafted yet? Damn, it’s only 3:15. Whoa. Chat has begun. Don’t forget to tune in.

2:30 pm EST: Draft still over 90 minutes away. I’m already exhausted. Time for a nappy-poo…ZZZZZZ….

2:20 pm EST: Per a text to Mayock: Jets looking to move up to #2. Mark Sanchez?

2:18 pm EST: Sources are saying Percy Harvin was seen hanging with Snoop Dogg last night. Snoop’s clean now, right? (By Sources, I mean me and my pals).

1:59 pm EST: First entry of the day!! There was much rejoicing. Two hours ago NFL Net reported Eagles are “very interested” in Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis. Hmm… They did have him in for a private workout. I’ve been feeling a DB at 21 for the last few days. Stay tuned…