A Trip Around the Horn


Yeah, I’m borrowing the name of an ESPN program for this post. Hopefully, the World Wide Leader won’t sue me for copyright infringement. I’m a penniless blogger, so I should be safe from harm. Although, with all the shots being fired back and forth between the MSM (Mainstream Media) and the sports blogosphere, it’s always a good idea to keep one eye open at all times.

At any rate, as we crawl toward training camp ’09, the search for significant tidbits of Eagles news to dissect is proving difficult. Never deterred, I shall trek on into the expanding desert in hopes of discovering a droplet of water to quench our thirsts. Here it goes.

Matt Mosley picked LeSean McCoy to be his breakout player for the Birds this season. His predictions of 750 yards rushing and 35-40 catches are higher than my prognostications from last week. We’ll see who’s right next January. Maybe I can talk Matt into making a wager. I’ll put up $5 dollars. He puts up his sweet gig at ESPN. Seems fair.


This article from Delawareonline is making the rounds, so I thought I’d give it another plug. It debates whether or not the Birds will use more “Wildcat” formations in ’09. I think they will mix some of it in, but the scheme is limited if the trigger man is not a threat to pass the ball. The Dolphins discovered this late last year, which is one of the reasons why they drafted Pat White. He can at least throw the ball. The Eagles have a guy who can throw the ball too. His name is McNabb. Just let him run the show.


Speaking of Don, the annual sojourn to Arizona for anyone who wants to play catch is underway this week. According to GCobb.com, McCoy, Maclin and Ingram will all be in attendance. Cobb discussed Shady at length and closed out the story with this:

"“McCoy hopes to be playing behind Westbrook when the season starts.”"

Umm… he will be playing behind Westbrook. There is no hope. The dude was a second-round draft pick. Even if by miracles of miracles Lorenzo Booker earns the number two spot, McCoy will still be playing behind Brian. Actually, deep down, I would imagine Shady “hopes” to be the starter once the season kicks off. I mean, if you’re a football player with any sort of competitive nature, wouldn’t you want to start, rookie or not?


The Redskins hired longtime USA Today football writer Larry Weisman to be what the ‘Skins are calling, “Editorial Director.” What the hell does that mean? Nobody seems to know. In an interview last week, Weisman revealed he will be writing for redskins.com, in addition to TV and radio work. It’s important to note that Weisman left a major national newspaper to, among other things, write for a website. Oh, the times they are a changin’.


Off topic. Chris Pronger was introduced yesterday by the Flyers. I’ve always liked Pronger. He brings Cup experience and toughness to a team in need of both. When asked about his age (34), Pronger said he felt more like 24:

"“You can call me Jack Bauer,” he said with a smirk."

This got me thinking. Do the Birds have a Jack Bauer? You know, a guy called upon in tight situations to get the job done and make a game altering play. A player who will rally the team in the face of unrelenting pressure. Dawkins was a Jack Bauer for sure. Westy definitely is, when he’s on the field. Donovan is capable, but… never mind. Personally, I believe DeSean is on his way to being a Jack Bauer. Just get the ball in his hands and watch him work his magic.

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