Eagles-Jets Observations


There’s nothing better than watching the fourth preseason game. Ugh. For the most part, the Eagles reserves played an awful brand of football. The offensive line couldn’t pick up a blitz and the defensive line (except Babin) couldn’t stop the run or sustain pressure. It was what you’d expect from guys who will be on the street come Saturday night.

Who looked good:

Eldra Buckley – Ran hard and played aggressive on special teams. I will be shocked if he doesn’t make the team. But I’ve been shocked before during the Reid era. Several times.

Tony Curtis – I didn’t see him block much, but 4 catches for 40 yards and a touchdown ain’t too shabby. Some of those were against the Jets defensive starters.

Jason Babin – I think it’s fair to say that NO defensive player has looked as good as Babin in the actual games. He had another sack and was close on two others. He makes this team. Easy.

Macho Harris – He wasn’t perfect, but the dude is always around the ball and hits like a semi truck. I think the so-called “first string” free safety is hearing footsteps.

Brandon Gibson – Like the previous three games, a solid, if not spectacular performance: 4 grabs for 45 yards. Does he deserve to get a spot? Yes. Will he? It’s still a toss up. However, it’s worth noting that Reggie Brown didn’t play a single snap. Just saying.

Jeremy Maclin – The stat sheet says 1 catch for 6 yards. He was open all night, but fell victim to poor quarterback play. That being said, he’s still too hesitant on kickoff returns.

Red Zone – Three for four. Better than usual.

Who looked less than good:

Michael Vick – He played like a guy who has been out of football for two years. Nervous, inaccurate, out of shape and slow. Two turnovers and 26 yards passing is what it is. He did rush for a red zone score, but he clearly needs more practice time.

The entire second team offensive line – Seven sacks allowed. It’s hard to pinpoint one culprit because they were all horrid. Interesting to note: Nick Cole started at center and Max didn’t see a snap. The left guard position is still a question mark at this point.

Quintin Demps – Took a couple more bad angles on tackles and basically did nothing to solidify his tenuous starting role. I don’t know what to make of him. He looks lost at times and isn’t around the ball.

Joe Mays – Got burned badly by Dustin Keller and managed only three tackles.

Sean Jones – Like Demps, he took a poor angle on the long touchdown run. Was credited for one tackle despite playing the majority of the game. Right now, I’m more concerned about the safeties than the linebackers.

Jack Iguana – Was given a gift interception then got torched in the fourth quarter for a 73 yard touchdown. Both he and Dimitri Patterson have been underwhelming. Could they keep only four corners and slide Macho over if needed? Not if Macho is starting at free safety.

Eugene Bright – Dropped a Kolb bullet early and wasn’t heard from for the rest of the game. He’s a goner for sure.


Winston Justice – Pectoral strain; MRI in morning.

Something is afoot in the NovaCare offices. The Birds could roll the dice and move Feeley this weekend, which would leave them with only two quarterbacks for the first two games until Vick returns. Seems risky, though. And what’s going on with the wide receivers? Curtis is banged up; Reggie is an enigma. Letting Gibson go would be a foolish move, in my opinion. Keeping seven wideouts doesn’t make much sense either.

This weekend should be fun.

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