Vick to Jackson: Could They Become a Historic Combination?


Manning to Harrison, Montana or Young to Rice, Unitas to Berry and Kelly to Reed.  Those are the top five quarterback to wide receiver combinations of all time, according to NFL Network.  Could Vick to Jackson find it’s way into the same conversation someday?

While they probably won’t go down as one of the greatest combinations ever due to their time limitations (Vick is 30 and most great combinations had around a decade together), Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson could be the most dynamic duo over the next five years.

“We’re both two people on a mission to go out there and just play our games at a very high level, and the opportunities we both have together to go out there with him being the quarterback that he is and me being the big play receiver I am, it really doesn’t get no better than that,” Jackson said.

Vick believes targets like Jackson combined with the coaching he’s received in Philadelphia has him playing better than ever.

“I feel like I’m playing the best football [of my career] because of the coaches that I have and the guys that I’m playing with, and the offensive line is playing great,” Vick said.

Vick’s natural talents seem to be a perfect match for DeSean Jackson’s, as evidenced by the 88-yard touchdown to open Monday night’s game against the Redskins.  Vick launched it 62 yards in the air, hitting Jackson in stride.

“In my career there hasn’t been too many quarterbacks that could really get the ball to me without me having to slow down and wait for the ball,” Jackson said. “He’s one of the few quarterbacks that’s able to put it out there and let me run and go get it, so anytime you have that it just makes it a lot more easy especially with my speed.”

Vick has started and finished four games this year, and Jackson has a touchdown in each.  In those games, Jackson is averaging 123.75 receiving yards on 4.5 catches. Three of the four touchdowns have been from 40 or more yards out, and the duo has hooked up for a play of more than 50 yards in each of the games. The scary thing is, Jackson says he and Vick are still feeling each other out.

“It’s going to only get better man, especially the more time we can get, the more playing we get out there on the field,” Jackson said. “That’s one thing about playing together with somebody, the more you play with them and the more you’re out there getting used to them, it just makes it that much better.”

There’s only one problem.  With seven games left in 2010, Vick is still scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the season.  Jackson, meanwhile, has another year left on his deal but it has been widely reported that he and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, wanted an extension before this season but were rebuffed due to the expiring CBA and the uncertainty that looms.  When asked about the possibility of getting a pair of extensions and playing together for several years, Jackson laughed.

“We lookin for them contracts!” Jackson joked, before turning serious and playing it down.

“We know the contracts will come, we’re just so focused on playing right now and the better we do the better it is for both of ourselves, so like I said we know what we have in front of us,” Jackson said.

Everyone can see what they have in front of them – a shot at being the best quarterback to receiver combo in the NFL for the next few years and, of course, a big payday.

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