Remember When Ace Ventura Led Miami to a Super Bowl Win Over the Eagles?


Really, the Eagles and Dolphins don’t have a great history. Today’s game can’t be billed as a battle between two bitter rivals. Frankly, there are only two Eagles-Dolphins games that really stand out in my memory. There was the 2003 Monday Night Football clash when Eagles fans stormed Miami and watched the Birds roll, but Philly fans travel well and the game wasn’t even close.

No, the much more memorable meeting came back in 1994 when a Miami pet detective named Ace Ventura rescued a dolphin named Snowflake and quarterback Dan Marino from the infamously deranged Ray Finkle. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Marino returned just in time to lead Miami to victory. While the Eagles came up short in this classic Super Bowl matchup that inexplicably took place in the middle of the afternoon and served as a home game for the Dolphins, you might also recall this sideline encounter between Ventura and this pre-Lurie era Swoop imposter.

Ah, memories.