Bird Watching: Philadelphia Eagles Draft Recap


This week on Bird Watching, hear what scouts and analysts are saying about how the Eagles fared this weekend in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Walter Cherepinsky of

"Bennie Logan is a poor fit for a pure 3-4, so the Eagles might be moving to a 4-3 Under look. Logan would be a solid fit as the three-technique in that formation. Fletcher Cox would play the five, with Isaac Sopoaga manning the nose. That’s not bad. The offensive system, however, still remains a mystery. Matt Barkley would have been a poor fit in Chip Kelly’s offense back in Oregon, so if the Eagles plan on starting him in the near future, they need to feature more of a West Coast look. Having said that, I’m not sure Barkley is in the Eagles’ long-term plans. Had they viewed him as an eventual starter, they would have selected him in the second or third round. The fourth round is designated for backups (see Kirk Cousins), so the offense that Kelly plans on using is still up in the air, as far as I’m concerned.As for the other picks, Lane Johnson was a reach at No. 4. He has great potential, but is way too raw to take that early. Zach Ertz provided much more value in the second round. My favorite selection was in the seventh with Jordan Poyer. He has second-round talent, but fell because of speed concerns.2013 NFL Draft Grade: B"

Evan Silva of

"Overview: The draftnik community should love this group because aside from seventh-rounder King every member has a big name. They are all identifiable. The first two picks look like surefire hits; Johnson is an outstanding match for Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense as a well-oiled athlete with second- and even third-level blocking skills. Ertz can stretch the field vertically and creates downfield separation better than consensus top tight end Tyler Eifert. Logan and Barkley were odd picks because the former’s fit is questionable in Philly’s new three-man front and Barkley lacks athleticism in addition to starting-caliber arm strength. All of Philly’s rookies look like good values — particularly Kruger and Poyer — but this haul included a lot of head scratchers. I still feel confident saying the Eagles’ roster improved with this draft, and quite possibly significantly.Grade: C+"

Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN

"Philadelphia Eagles: B+Mel gives the Eagles a B for needs and an A for value, especially liking top pick Lane Johnson and second-rounder Zach Ertz."

The consensus about who the Eagles best selection this weekend seems to be Standford tight end Zach Ertz because the Eagles recieved great value along and he is a great fit for the Eagles offensive scheme. Here’s what they’re saying about Zach Ertz:

Mike Mayock of NFL Network

"“What I’m seeing from Chip Kelly is we’re going to start defying this offense. Now we’ve got a detachable H-back tight end that runs great routes.”"

Walter Cherepinsky of

"Chip Kelly loves his tight ends. He signed James Casey, but he needed another one because Brent Celek has been a huge disappointment recently. Zach Ertz is the top tight end available by far and No. 35 is the right range for him."

The most interesting pick the Eagles made this weekend is hands down USC signal caller, Matt Barkley. People felt that Chip Kelly wanted a mobile quarterback, but instead he chose a pocket passer. Here’s what people are saying about the selection of Matt Barkley:

Mike Mayock of NFL Network

"“He’s the best value for the Eagles on the board. It’s interesting to me because the spread offense is a little bit of a misconception. You can spread it and throw the football. What does that tell us about the staff and what they think about Nick Foles? Barkley might be the most developed pro-style quarterback built similar to what Foles was going to be. So now I’m really confused.”"

Walter Cherepinsky of

"This makes very little sense. Matt Barkley does not fit Chip Kelly’s offense at all. In fact, he’s a lot like Nick Foles, so I don’t understand why the Eagles would make this selection. It appears as though the Eagles will utilize the West Coast offense under Kelly, so why even bring Kelly in as your head coach? I like the value with Barkley, but this pick is pretty illogical."

As always, I want to hear from you about your thoughts on the Eagles draft. Who’s your favorite/least favorite pick the Eagles made this weekend? Be sure to sound off in comment section below.