Depth Chart Predictions: Part 1


Jun 4, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) and quarterback Michael Vick (7) pass the ball during minicamp at the NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When last season ended, it was a forgone conclusion that Mike Vick would be released and Nick Foles would be the starting for the Eagles in 2013, but when Chip Kelly was hired, Vick went from testing the market to being the , presumed, perfect fit for Kelly’s spread offense. Though this seemed like the case, Coach Kelly has said he diesn’t need a running quarterback to run his system. So far, the Eagles haven’t put on the pads nor have they named a staring quarterback, but the quarterbacks have begun to master their new playbook and throw some passes in front of their new coaching staff. Without further adieu, lets get into the 2013 quarterback competition and predict the winner.

Mike Vick: Cut– This may come as a surprise to many, but I don’t think Vick is a good fit for this system because, in the past, he has never been good at what Chip Kelly’s offense demands of its quarterback, which are quick decision making and working the intermediate passing game. In the past, Vick has always been slow getting rid of the football and, especially in Coach Reid’s, Vick tried to throw bombs on every play and somewhat neglected the short passing game. Vick does bring great mobility to the quarterback position, which is an enticing trait, but other than that, I don’t see Vick as a good fit for this scheme.

Nick Foles: Starter– Whether Foles is the starter for the whole season or not, I believe Foles will be the starting quarterback week 1 in DC. Foles showed he has the ability to make quick reads and he has a very powerful arm. What Foles lacks in speed, which isn’t as concerning because of what Coach Kelly has preached to the fan base, but his accuracy isn’t great. Though Foles only had 5 interceptions, he got lucky on multiple occasions, he got lucky that defenders can’t catch because otherwise he would’ve had more like 10 interceptions. Not only this, Foles was also on pace for a worse TD/INT ratio than Mike Vick. I don’t see Foles as the long term option, but I do think he can bridge the Eagles quarterback situation until their future arises.

Matt Barkley: Backup– I’ll admit it, I’m a bit higher on Barkley than others because he was in the discussion for the number 2 overall selection last year, but he went back to school and he saw his draft stock plummet. I don’t believe that the talent that made him a top-10 pick disappeared and I believe Chip Kelly’s offense is a perfect fit for him and his talent will shine through…again. Barkley posses the two things that Vick doesn’t, which makes him a perfect fit for this system. Barkley makes quick reads and he’s extremely accurate in the short to intermediate passing range. I think Barkley will take over from Foles sometime during the season and he will be able to show case all of the talent that made him a top-10 pick a year ago.

Dennis Dixon: 3rd String- To be clear, I don’t think Dixon is a better quarterback than Vick, but due to the contract situation for Vick and Dixon’s history with Coach Kelly, I think Dixon makes the team. Dixon can mentor the other quarterbacks about the system and, as a 3rd string, Dixon gives Coach Kelly at least one quarterback that has the ability to run. I don’t think Dixon will see any playing time, but he could prove as a valuable back up.

GJ Kinne: Cut

So thats the quarterback competition. Let me know what you think about the competition and who you see as the winner. Also be sure to check in tomorrow when the running backs are put under the microscope.