Philadelphia Eagles Have A Favorable Schedule


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When the NFL released the schedules for all 32 teams, they gave the Eagles a break. The Philadelphia Eagles schedule is very favorable. Compared to last year’s schedule, strength of schedule, and the team’s improvement, the Eagles can take advantage and make the transformation into a Super Bowl contending team.

This time last year, the Eagles were making major changes with coaches and players. When the schedule came out for the 2013-2014 season, there was a bunch of intrigue. The Philadelphia Eagles were given a horrendous schedule last season. The first part of the season was especially brutal, three games against three playoff teams in 11 days. The Eagles had to face San Diego Chargers in week 2, Kansas City Chiefs in week 3, and Denver Broncos in week 4. The team went 0-3 in that stretch. What also stuck out was the three straight away games. In this years 2014-2015 schedule, the Eagles have a well balanced schedule. Their first consecutive away game stint comes after the Eagles week 7 bye. This allows the team to rest and prepare for the future games. The second consecutive away games come at week 16 and 17, both against division rivals in the Washington Redskins and New York Giants. I like the way this plays out. This can very well decide the champion of the NFC East. The Eagles are lined up to continue to dominate the division.

The Strength of schedule is what makes the fans nervous for this upcoming season. But why? Sure the Eagles face the NFC West, but they also face the weakest division in the league in the AFC South. Also, the Eagles themselves play in a weak division. One of the biggest games is week 4 against the San Francisco 49ers. This is a game that some fans consider a guaranteed loss. I think otherwise. The Eagles play the Jaguars, Colts, and Redskins leading up this game. The team can very well be 3-0 leading into this 49er game. Riding that momentum, the Eagles can come in and send a statement right away to the rest of the league. The next heavy weight matchup comes week 11 when the Birds travel to the “frozen tundra” of Green Bay to square off with the Packers. The Eagles already beat this team last year in Green Bay. Granted, the Packers were without their Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but the team knows the field, crowd, and coaching style. The Eagles have the tools to steal a win, and leave Green Bay with huge momentum while entering the final stretch of the season. Now to the biggest game of the season, week 14 against the Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks. The team will come off a Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys, so this gives the Eagles 11 days to prepare against a team that isn’t the same on the road and has to fly cross country. This gives the Eagles a major advantage. These three, big games are very winnable. Excluding the divisional games, the rest of the schedule is pretty much soft.

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting closer and closer to becoming a serious contender. The team has been making the right decisions and has bought in. So when fans see a first place schedule, they shouldn’t be intimidated, but rather excited. Fans get to see how the Eagles stack up to already proven teams. Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly has this team in a great position and with a schedule that’s in favor of the Eagles, the team is primed to make the next step. The Eagles have improved this season and with the draft on the horizon, this team will become a more complete one. The Eagles are looking to improve on last years 10-6 record. With this schedule and the moves being made, the team is confident they can slug it out with the big boys of the NFL.

The 2014-2015 schedule previews what looks like to be an exciting season for the Philadelphia Eagles. You can never predict how things will divulge this early, but the team and fans are ready to see what it brings. Twelve wins isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The team will contend this year and the schedule insures it. It’s an exciting time for the Philadelphia Eagles nation. We get to take a peak and see how a possible Super Bowl run begins.