Which Eagles Will Make NFL’s Top 100?


NFL Network has once again started it’s annual popularity contest aka their Top 100 Players countdown. Every year there is a player that gets rated too high or a player that gets snubbed. Just last week guard Evan Mathis made the list, who go snubbed off the list last season. Here’s who we could expect next.

Players To Expect

RB LeSean McCoy

This one is an obvious no brainer, if McCoy doesn’t make this list, something is wrong. McCoy made the list last season as the league’s seventh best running back, coming in at number 45. Surely after leading the league in rushing with 1,607 yards and nine touchdowns, he should move up.

McCoy was clearly the best running back in football last season, but whether or not the list says so is still the question. McCoy will need to beat out the likes of Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, and Jamaal Charles to be considered the league’s best running back.

LT Jason Peters

Jason Peters is the cornerstone of the Eagles offensive line and who they turn to when they need to convert a critical third and short. Peters missed out on the list last season, but after being rated the league’s fourth best tackle on Pro Football Focus, there is no question we should be seeing Peters on this list soon.

Duane Brown, the league’s 22nd rated tackle on Pro Football Focus made the list just last week. If Peters doesn’t make the list, it may be one of the biggest snubs of the season.

C Jason Kelce

If three of your offensive lineman come in at the top 100 players of the NFL, you know you have a pretty good offensive line. Kelce is one of the best centers in the league, if not the best center.

Panthers center Ryan Khalil made this list coming in at number 93, which gives no reason why Kelce shouldn’t make the list eventually. Last season there was only one center who made the list, and that was Matt Unger who came in at number 95, we’ll have to wait and see if Khalil becomes this year’s lone center.

Players Who Could Get Snubbed

QB Nick Foles

What Foles did in a short amount of time last season really was historic, but that may also be his downfall, Foles didn’t start until week five and then missed week eight. You also have to consider that Foles was coming into an already good offense with good playmakers, unlike Vick though, Foles didn’t turn the ball over excessively which in turn lead to success.

It wouldnt surprise me of Foles gets snubbed, but it also wouldnt surprise me if he does get on the list. 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made the list last week at number 81 and he was rated two spots below Foles on Pro Football Focus, so theoretically speaking, Foles should make the list.

TE Brent Celek

Very quietly, Brent Celek had a pretty good year and got back to the form most of us expect him to be in. Celek is a threat in the passing game that creates mismatches on offense for defenders. Celek had the 5th most yards after catch per reception among tight ends.

Tight ends have to do more than just catch the ball though, they also need to be able to block, and according to Pro Football Focus, Celek was the second best blocking tight end in the NFL. I’d like to say Celek gets on this list, but my guess is that he will most likely get snubbed.

OLB Trent Cole

If Trent Cole didn’t ever have to drop back into coverage, he may be one of the best overall outside linebackers in the NFL. He is solid at rushing the passer and one of the best against the run, but when it comes to pass coverage, he is average on a good day.

Cole didn’t make the list last season, and although parts of his game do say that he is one of the best, it will be tough for him to make it with guys like Robert Mathis and Aldon Smith still needing to make the list.

The NFL’s top 100 becomes more of a popularity contest in the long run, but week after week, the results are still much anticipated. There is already on Eagle on the list, but the only question is, how many more will we see?