Predicting The Entire NFL Season: Week 1


October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles fans tailgating before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger

There are a few things in life I’ve always wanted to do.

Skydiving over the pyramids in Egypt.

Go on a date with Kate Upton.

Predict the entire NFL season.

Those are just some examples, one of which I can accomplish right here with Inside the Iggles.

Sadly, it’s not going on a date with Kate Upton.

No, I’m going to tackle the great challenge of predicting an entire NFL season. We have a while to go until training camp gets started and we have to do something to entertain ourselves.

A few things right off the top:

1) This is highly unscientific. After all, it’s May and we’re going to finish up these weekly predictions before training camp starts. That means…

2) This is for fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t take this as gospel. Take it for what it is – a blogger trying to do something interesting during a very uninteresting time in the football calendar.

3) If at any point in time Kate Upton calls, the season predicting will be suspended indefinitely.

One week in each post until we’re done. Let’s do this.

Week 1

Packers @ Seahawks: Opening night of the NFL season takes us to the home of the defending Super Bowl champions. The home team has won 10 of the last 11 Thursday Night kickoff games. That dominance will continue. Seattle 23, Green Bay 13

Saints @ Falcons: A lot can change in the NFL from one year to the next, but it usually doesn’t change so drastically in Week 1. The Falcons will be better in 2014, but the Saints are the more complete team in September. New Orleans 33, Atlanta 28

Vikings @ Rams: There haven’t been too many times over the last few years that “Sam Bradford” would have been listed under “strengths” for a Rams’ preview. This is one of those times. St. Louis 27, Minnesota 10

Browns @ Steelers: All the talk about Johnny Manziel not starting for Cleveland in Week 1 should be easily dismissed as talk, but these are the Cleveland Browns. Either way, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 6.

Raiders @ Jets: This is probably Michael Vick’s debut as a New York Jet, and the Raiders are still the Raiders. New York Jets 24, Oakland 14

Bengals @ Ravens: This is one of the more intriguing games of Week 1. The Bengals, in the eyes of many, underachieved last year. Somehow, Marvin Lewis still has a job. The Ravens took a step backward last season, but not too far considering the massive rebuild they underwent on defense. I’ll go with the home team in the opener, but this should be a good football game. Baltimore 27, Cincinnati 26

Bills @ Bears: I think the Bills are going to be a surprise team in 2014. Adding Sammy Watkins in the draft was key. Oh, and don’t forget Bryce Brown. Seriously, though, I like the moves the Bills have done. This is going to start a nice season. Buffalo 26, Chicago 23

Redskins @ Texans: That the Texans were so bad last year made absolutely no sense. The Redskins still have a lot of holes to fill (despite the addition of Desean Jackson) and it’s tough to win on the road to open a season. It won’t surprise me if they do, but I can’t make that pick right now. Houston 35, Washington 23

Titans @ Chiefs: The Chiefs seem to be in line for a regression, but they get a nice opening slot here at home against the Titans. Kansas City 17, Tennessee 14

Patriots @ Dolphins: One day, Johnny Manziel will take the Cleveland Browns to a Super Bowl, lose, then hold an ESPN special where he announces he’s taking his talents to South Beach. Until then, the Patriots will rule. New England 28, Miami 14

Panthers @ Buccaneers: Carolina is another team that seems primed for a regression, but they have a gift matchup in Week 1. Carolina 38, Tampa Bay 16

49ers @ Cowboys: This could be the season the bottom falls out on the Cowboys, and that’s not just the Eagles fan in me talking. What exactly have they done to make themselves better this offseason? San Francisco 31, Dallas 17

Colts @ Broncos: Peyton Manning is still ticked about the Super Bowl. He won’t have quite the night he had in Week 1 a year ago, but he’ll impress with four touchdown passes. Denver 37, Indianapolis 27

Giants @ Lions: How is this the Monday Night Football opener? New York Giants 20, Detroit 16

Chargers @ Cardinals: No one on the East Coast is staying up for this game. Arizona 33, San Diego 26

And finally…

Jaguars @ Eagles: If you had to handpick a team for the Eagles to play in Week 1, would you have gone in a different direction? I sure wouldn’t have. About the only thing wrong with this matchup is that the Eagles burn one of their eight home games on it. How much would you rather have played this game in Jacksonville and later invited Green Bay to the Linc?

Oh, well. A win is a win, and there is no reason at this point to believe this won’t be one for the Birds. Jacksonville might become relevant one day, but not today. Philadelphia 37, Jacksonville 17