A Re-evaluation Of the 2014 Season For The Philadelphia Eagles, Part 1


After observing all 32 teams play their starting lineups for one half plus of football this past week, and taking into account any injuries, suspensions, or pertinent revelations, let’s re-evaluate the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles regular season schedule. Shall we?

Week 1 – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Eagles get the Jaguars at home in week one and the birds should take care of business. The Jaguars probably wish they could get their future started with first-round pick Blake Bortles at quarterback, but they will have to permit veteran quarterback Chad Henne another chance to lead this team.

To be honest the Jags need an experienced signal caller in there if they want to win any games at all. The Jaguars’ offensive line is not that great so the Eagles should be able to apply some pressure and stop the run. A win for the birds.

Week 2 – @ Indianapolis Colts

Third-year quarterback Andrew Luck will keep this game interesting. “Andrew Luck has passed for more yardage over his first two NFL seasons (8,196) than any quarterback in league history” (1).

With receiver Reggie Wayne back, the addition of receiver Hakeem Nicks, the deep threat TY Hilton, and another year under his belt (with the Colts) for running back Trent Richardson, there is no reason this team should not put up points. The Colts defense is not very good and they will be without linebacker Robert Mathis in week two due to suspension. The Eagles should win this game.

Week 3 – Washington Redskins

The Redskins front office gave up the house for quarterback Robert Griffin III two years ago and it may all implode in their faces this season. Washington wants their franchise quarterback to stop taking hits.

The Philadelphia Eagles also wanted this from quarterback Michael Vick a few years ago. Well, Vick could not learn to slide or run out of bounds and at this point in time RGIII is struggling with this same problem. The Redskins seem like an average team and the Eagles are above average. Another win.

Week 4 – @ San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have gone to the NFC championship game three years in a row. No one can argue that they have a good football team in San Francisco. However, the mighty 49ers defense is not going to be the same in 2014 as in years past.

Their secondary is in a rebuilding process and without linebacker Navarro Bowman or nose tackle Glenn Dorsey the landscape has drastically shifted for the worse. Not to mention star pass rusher Aldon Smith is going to be suspended too.

The offense has a bunch of weapons but quarterback Colin Kaepernick is just not “the guy.” The Eagles can and will beat the 49ers on their own turf (or whatever their new stadium has on the field).

Week 5 – St. Louis Rams

The Rams have a young, solid defensive unit…but their offense leaves a lot to be desired. Starting quarterback Sam Bradford just tore his ACL. There has been mention of the Eagles trading quarterback Mark Sanchez to the Rams.

It would be just awful if Sanchez got traded and ended up being the main factor the Eagles lost to the Rams in week five. Sanchez is staying put and the Eagles win this match up.

Week 6 – New York Giants

Giants quarterback Eli Manning is struggling with the newly implemented west coast style offense brought to New York via former Green Bay Packer’s quarterback coach, Ben McAdoo. The Giants have not made the playoffs since 2011 and their only shot at going back rests on Manning’s shoulders.

New York’s offensive line is in bad shape, their running backs are new acquisitions, their number one pick in the 2014 NFL draft, receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is injured, and many of their better defensive players in recent years, such as pass rusher Justin Tuck and safety Ryan Mundy have gone on to other teams.

It’s possible that by week six the Giants will show some progress, but if the Eagles go undefeated through five weeks it is hard to figure they would lose to a lesser Giants team at home. The Eagles go 6-0.

Week 7 – Bye

Week 8 – @ Arizona Cardinals

If any team during the first half of the 2014 regular season can give the Eagles a run for their money it would be the Cardinals. The Eagles narrowly beat the Cardinals in 2013 24-21.

The stats for both teams were very similar except one–the Philadelphia Eagles had zero turnovers and the Cardinals had three. This game is after the Eagle’s bye-week, which gives head coach Chip Kelly an extra week to game plan, but they will be playing in Arizona and the Cardinal’s offense looks to be in top form – rookie wide receiver John Brown has been all the rage this off-season/preseason.

The Cardinals do have some missing pieces along their defensive front as well. At the end of day this could be a loss for the Eagles.

Through week eight of the 2014 NFL regular season the Philadelphia Eagles are 7-1. This doesn’t seem likely, but it is comprehensible.

Stay tuned for weeks nine through seventeen.


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