Philadelphia EKG: Eagles Kardiac Game


Oct 5, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles free safety

Chris Maragos

(42) celebrates his blocked punt for touchdown with free safety

Earl Wolff

(28) during the first quarter against the St. Louis Rams at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia EKG:  Eagles Kardiac Game

It’s not just a game, or a moment. The 2014 Philadelphia Eagles are determined to give the City of Brotherly Love a massive coronary each NFL Sunday. In the first five games of the 2014 season, despite leads that approach the stratosphere, each game is being decided by one stop, by one catch, by one special teams play. The Eagles are delivering excitement and football drama despite the protests of virtually every fan and sports writer.

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, you just got another weekly dose of the Philadelphia EKG – Eagles Kardiac Game.

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How else do you explain it? A defense that has snuffed the Saint Louis Rams into a 34-7 stupor suddenly cannot defend anything? A team that has been rocked in a home opener by the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars comes roaring back from a 17-0 deficit to win the game with a 34 point burst in the second half.   It’s been anything but boring.  We’ve come to a four win one loss point in the season.  And despite the success, fans are in disbelief.   The wins are not convincing enough.   The losing teams are still in the game until the end.   Surely random chance will balance out and the bounces going the Eagles way will go against us.

But this is the Philadelphia Eagles folks.  This is the team with not one but TWO Miracles in the Meadowlands games in NFL archives.  This is a team that will not only break hearts, but stop them with some frantic gaffe in one series, and restart them with an incredible catch, sack, or touchdown run from the least likely player.  This team appears to have found the way to infuse the once in a decade magic of the “Miracles in  the Meadlowlands” games into each week.   Now the only question that remains, can your hearts take it?

Previous: . Philadelphia Eagles. 1. team. 54. <em>The Philadelphia Eagles take the NFL league lead in excitement and drama.  In each of the past five games, nothing has gone according to script.    The Eagles seem intent on stopping the hearts of each and every fan of the city with their squandering of leads and last second heroics.  Nobody will sleep through a game, particularly when the next team on-deck is none other than NFC East rival, the New York Giants.</em>. (4-1)

But the team known for last second victories and late heroics still remains, for now, with the 1980 Cleveland Browns.  In that year, the Browns would start off well, but as the game wore on would find themselves behind time and time again.  Powered by an offense that had a different hero each week, the team found a way to win that seemed to defy the odds so much that it appeared they had divine protection.    Their quarterback was Brian Sipe.  Their tight end was Ozzie Newsome.  Their season ended at 11-5 but it was one of the most exciting seasons for any team in NFL history.  Thirteen of the sixteen regular season games were decided by a single score.  So far the Eagles are on pace with four of their first five games.  One of the linebackers of the Browns team that year was none other than future Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher.

This Philadelphia Eagles version is already breaking hearts, dashing hopes, and turning the knuckles white of its fans.   But, much like the Browns of 1980, this team is either finding a way to come back or to hold on for dear life.  With a special teams that is clearly one of the best of the NFL, the fans are not used to life on the edge of their seats.   Couple that with an opportunistic defense that runs a version of Doctor Jeckyl (no sacks) and Mr. Hyde (three or more sacks in a game) and an offense that is like the month of March (you either get a mouse or a lion) and the ingredients for a true drama-fest for NFL game-day.

Now toss the New York Giants arrival into the mix, and fans had better shop for oxygen and adrenaline.   The Eagles and Giants have played some of the most thrilling and entertaining football of the NFL, and they are set to clash in Philadelphia this Sunday.   At stake?  Possibly the lead of the NFC East, as rival Dallas travels to Seattle to face the defending champion Seahawks in what could prove to be their second loss of the season.

A victory would set these Eagles at 5-1 and heading into a bye week with a number of key players badly needing a chance to rest and heal.   A loss sets the Eagles at 4-2, and places a great deal of pressure on them to emerge from the bye week with success.   It’s clear it will not be a boring game.  No game Philadelphia has played has been boring.   No Philadelphia victory has been a sure thing.  But a win against the New York Giants would be awfully sweet.