Philadelphia Eagles Need To Hit Their Stride


The story of the Philadelphia Eagles season so far has been inconsistency. The team finally put together a complete game last week, but coming off their bye week, the Eagles need to hit their stride. Whether its the secondary getting torched, the patch work offensive line getting dominated, or the skill position players failing to play up to expectations, the Birds have been lackadaisical at times. Looking forward, it’s time to show just how good this Philadelphia Eagles team can be.

If someone were to tell you that the Philadelphia Eagles would be 5-1 after the bye week with almost half the offensive line missing, their best defensive player injured, and quarterback Nick Foles struggling, you would think they were crazy. The truth is, it hasn’t been easy, this team has clawed and scratched its way to this record. When one facet of the Eagles game is lacking, the others step up.

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We’ve seen it all season, if the offense is underperforming, the defense and special teams step up. If the defense is struggling, the offense pulls the weight. Finally, last week the Eagles had a breakthrough, and played their first complete game. The Philadelphia Eagles skunked the New York Giants 27-0 in a dominating performance. For the first time all season, the Eagles played somewhat near their full ability. The team is definitely on the right track for now. It’s absolutely crucial that this team builds off the Giants win to continue its new found consistency.

The NFC is currently up for grabs. The Philadelphia Eagles have done their part so far seven weeks in. The team does have some opposition for top dog rights in the Dallas Cowboys, who have shocked everyone with a 6-1 record, and the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals and Cowboys are at their ceiling skill wise. They’ve exceeded all expectations and are getting every ounce of talent from their rosters. This might be a glass half full approach, but the Eagles haven’t even come close to their ceiling this season. Yes we don’t know how the rest of  the season will play out, but my goodness, when the Philadelphia Eagles get healthy and when/if they get it together, watch out.

The offensive line will only get better and healthier, which in turn will yield better results for running back LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles. The defense will also hopefully get its best player back this week in linebacker Mychal Kendricks. The Philadelphia Eagles are loaded with talent and have one of the best coaches around in Chip Kelly. The pieces are falling into place, the arrow is pointing up for the Philadelphia Eagles. This sounds all well and good, but the teams success is contingent on the Eagles being able to fire on all cylinders. We saw it in the massacre of the Giants without some of the teams best players. Now we need to see the team build off this foundation and incorporate these key players back into the fold without missing a beat.

With Dallas and Arizona making a push to be the best in the NFC, the overlooked Philadelphia Eagles need to hit their stride and never look back. The team hasn’t come close to its full potential with key pieces either missing or not playing well. When the Eagles get healthy and they become more cohesive, you’ll see the real top dog in the NFC. Philly can beat you in any faze of football. They’ve done it all season while sputtering and dealing with injuries. The time is now for the Philadelphia Eagles to come together. It’s the second half stretch, and the NFC is ripe for the taking. It’s just a matter of time till the sleeping Eagles wake up. If so, don’t blink, you might just miss the high flying Philadelphia Eagles.

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