Philadelphia Eagles Mid Season Grades: Resigning Deals

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Philadelphia Eagles Mid Season Grades for these signings is very positive.    With the exception of the Cooper deal, the Eagles have retained the services of highly productive players.    The left tackle and center positions of the offensive line are extremely important, and the fact that the Eagles have two of the league’s best locked up for the next several years will be an incredible asset for Chip Kelly as he tries to find his and Philadelphia’s first Lombardi trophy.

Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin took a huge risk in agreeing to a one-year deal.   His season has proven to everyone that he can be a highly productive wide receiver who needs nobody to draw attention away so that he might have a big game.   The Eagles would be very wise to resign him, as he is at a point in his career where he is at the top of his game.   Clearly he fits Chip Kelly’s offense beautifully.

Riley Cooper may yet surprise us, and his size and strength absolutely are assets in the running game and in tough yardage situations.   But somehow, I think many of us were surprised that his second half of 2013 did not carry over into 2014.
Perhaps with Sanchez as the quarterback, that may change.  If not, Cooper will have serious roster competition in 2015.

So general manager, are you happy with the moves so far?   If not, how would you have handled these players?   I will be following up on Monday at lunchtime with the second half, and will also include some of your thoughts as well.

Just leave a comment.   The best get published on Monday.  I have said on many occasions that Philadelphia Eagles fans are the most knowledgeable fans of the NFL.  Here’s your chance to prove it.