The Philadelphia Eagles : Takeaways From Week 10


Oct 26, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews (81) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Eagles 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What we can take away from Week 10–the Carolina Panthers at the Philadelphia Eagles?

– The Panthers are not a good team. Thank god the Eagle’s secondary isn’t as bad as the Panther’s.

– Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton needs to practice with his receivers more instead of making television commercials. Newton has like 5 different commercials currently airing. The only receiver he seems to be able to find is the rookie Kelvin Benjamin.

– Only God knows why Carolina refuses to give up on their running backs Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. These guys are woeful and past their prime.

– Eagle’s defensive backs Cary Williams and Nate Allen are going to cost the birds a big game in the near future. Williams gave up 2 touchdowns to Kelvin Benjamin, and Allen almost took out his own teammate, safety Malcolm Jenkins. Could you imagine how Philadelphia fans would react to having one of their worst players injure one of their best players?? Cornerback Bradley Fletcher has actually been serviceable the past 2 games (against bad quarterback-play), but he has been beaten too many times this season to be trustworthy against better offensive teams.

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– The New Orlean Saint’s front office must want to throw up a little bit every time Eagle’s running back Darren Sproles makes a play. The Denver Bronco’s acquisition of receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Baltimore Ravens pick up of receiver Steve Smith from the Carolina Panthers have been great assets to both of these teams, but the Eagles signing Sproles has to be the most impactful off-season move in the NFL.

– Eagle’s linebacker Connor Barwin was an absolute beast against the Panthers and he should be defensive player of the week.

– Eagle’s rookie receiver Jordan Matthews is continuing to make his case to supplant wideout Riley Cooper as the #2 receiver. Who knows, the Eagles may have two, #1-caliber receivers next year in Matthews and Jeremy Maclin.

– Eagle’s head coach Chip Kelly obviously planned to have quarterback Mark Sanchez throw the ball all over the yard Monday night–as Philadelphia only totaled 37 rushing yards. Should Eagle’s fans be concerned about running back Lesean McCoy’s production against the Panthers? The Carolina defense is one of the worst teams against the rush as well as the pass.

– And last but not least, Mark Sanchez!! The Savior!! Not so fast. Yes, he did have a nice game against the Panthers, but let’s see how he fares against a team that will probably go deep into the playoffs–the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. Sanchez does deserve credit for executing Kelly’s gameplan. They realized Jordan Matthews was a big mis-match and exploited it throughout the game. The team seemed to be extra amped-up for this game–probably because it was a Monday night, home game, but perhaps because they were excited to see what Sanchez’s first start in two years would bring to their offense. Sanchez’s subtle, mis-direction handoff to Sproles in the 1st quarter, leading to an 8-yard touchdown run was beautiful. Kelly needs to embrace this facet of Sanchez’s game to the fullest extent.